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British Cycling Turbo Sessions

21 miles Swinging Both Ways
Description: Whitelea Road to Guildtown and then left out the A93 to the first turn for St Martins and Balbeggie. Cross the A94 at Balbeggie and head towards Abernyte. About 14.5 miles in you take a left, this will take you down NorthBallo and then through Campmuir and home. This is a good mixed run and is equally enjoyable in both directions. Also plenty of escape to home routes if needed.

28 miles Easie Run
Description: Burrelton to Campmuir taking the first exit out of Campmuir and going to Kettins. From Kettins head to Newtyle. Crossing the Auchterhouse to Meigle road at Newtyle head for Eassie. Now there is a bit of a climb here between 11 and 12 miles out. Just after the climb comes a super descent (12.5 miles) where you will take a left going further downhill here for about a mile you will come to the A94, cross this and continue on for about another mile and a half. T-Junction go Left, this wee road will take you back to Meigle (19.5 miles) where you can either wave at the coffee shop or go in for some well earned refreshments. Out of Meigle past the Belmont and head for Ardler. You are going back via Kettins and Campmuir.

66 miles River Braan
Description: Leaving by the now very worn and familiar road to Kinclaven and Murthly etc go right at the t-junction that will take you towards Birnam and the A9. Use the cycle path at the A9 as far as the railway station then … taking your life in your hands hurtle up the A9 to the first exit (300yds) and go left. Follow this road to Amulree and cross the river Braan. There is a very fast set of down hills here as you roll down Little Glen Shee to Gilmerton. Turning left at Gilmerton on the Perth Crieff road squirt along to the Highlandman loan junction. Take this turning and the next left for Tibbermore. Refreshements can be had at Gloagburn if you are feeling flush (not flushed) or ping down into Perth and go to Canto. Home is the usual Guildtown/whitelea road. Remember to take supplies for energy replenishing stops on the bum toughener!

34 miles Easie and Glamis
Description: This a variation on the 28 mile route. Rather than turn off after Easie climb, go to Glamis and head towards Kirriemuir. Before you get to Kirriemuir take the 8 miles to Meigle road and from Meigle go home.

37 miles All the way to Dunkeld
Description: Leaving Burrelton and going to Woodside, take Station road to the Bridge of Isla, then left when over the bridge to go over the Tay at Kinclaven. Straight on here to Murthly the take a right and the more main road in Murthly. Roll gently down the hill under the railway bridge and past the shop. The road forks now, go left. This quiet road follows the railway for a good distance ultimately going over the railway and under the A9. At the end of this road you will be going right. This takes you down toward Birnam and Dunkeld. Coffee can be got at any number of places in Dunkeld. The next bit is the only tough bit on the whole ride, up past the golf course. So Straight through Dunkeld and take a right towards Blairgowrie. Although this is an A road it is reasonably quiet. Go to Blairgowrie, and exit via the road Tesco is on – by doing this you will avoid most of the traffic and be on quite flat roads all the way to Coupar Angus. At Coupar Angus I suggest taking the bypass and going up the Dundee road for about 50m before going right and heading for Campmuir and home. This is a good run done in either direction.

43 miles The Bridie Dash
Usual start up through Campmuir and kepp going heading for ballo. Dont go to Ballo though, take a left at the cross roads and head for Newtyle. Be aware crossing the Dundee road. You are going to stay on this road all the way to Glamis (yes you have been here before) but at Glamis you are going up the main road to Forfar, its not a very nice 5 miles with the traffic, but it is a necessary evil. Once in Forfar go round their wee bypass and head for Kirriemuir not that you are going to Kirriemuir (we will save that gem foranother day) Going over the Dundee Aberdeen road head towards Pamdaramnamarama. here just out the village go left and then a couple of mile on take a right – dont worry if you miss the right, the same Glamis to Kirrie road will be met. So, you wnet right and whizzed along through the saw mill, cross the Kirrie to Glamis road – you will be on the very familiar Meigle 8 road. The usual road home will be followed from Meigle (after your coffee and bit bun of course).

31 miles Bamff
Routes are getting a samey, so out to Meigle and up to the 5 ways at Alyth, take the third exit and follow this road to the Bamff turn off at about 14.5 miles. Follow this single track road ver cattle grids and gravel until you come out on what is the road to the Den of Alyth and thw windfarm. Go left back towards Alyth on the way out of Alyth take a rightand you will be back at the 5 ways in no time. Home is via Meigle and the Ardler Campmuir road.

40 miles A’Peel’ing run to Lintrathen
Description: Quick run out to Meigle, via Kettins and Ardler, then on to Alyth. Well you don’t actually get to Alyth, you take the third exit on the 5 ways roundabout and head for Lintrathen. Miles 13/14 are a bit tough so be aware. Following this road you can go to Peel farm for refreshements (never been myself). You are going to go anti clockwise round the loch so take a left at about mile 19. Miles 19 to 22 are a bit “lumpy” at 22 miles take a left (Blackwater Reservoir will be up the hill on your right). From here to about 24.75 miles is rolling countryside, some of this will be quite fast. At this point you will come through a farm, go right or you will end up back at the loch. From here you are retracing your steps back home.

15 miles Friends with Ballo
Descritpion: Don’t be fooled by this short run … it goes up Ballo and down to the Knapp road and then up through Littleton and out at the top of Tullybaccart down the main Coupar to Dundee Road and left after Pitcur (might be signposted Kinrossie) to take you back to the Campmuir road and then home .. This just makes the miles really count.

27 miles Kinnaird
As you might have guessed by now Ballo features quite a lot on these ring bending runs. This one is no different. So, Up ballo and over to Aberntye, then just at the farm on your right go right and head for Kinnaird, this has a very fast downhill with a sharp left hand bend before abruptly ending at a T-junction. Going right at the T and heading along the carse, there are a number of escape routes back towards Balbeggie(ish), first is the Rait road, or go a bit further along and go up by the church… in any event the all pop out on the A94 at the Rait junction. From here go right to Balbeggie. At Balbeggie take the St Martins Road and go over to the A93 from from here go to Guiltown and up the Wolfhill road to home.

37 miles Sing the Abba song
Description: Leaving Burrelton and going to Woodside, take Station road to the Bridge of Isla, then left when over the bridge to go over the Tay at Kinclaven. Straight on here to Murthly the take a right and the more main road in Murthly. Roll gently down the hill under the railway bridge and past the shop. The road forks now, go left. This quiet road follows the railway for a good distance ultimately going over the railway and under the A9. At the end of this road you will be going left heading for Waterloo and Bankfoot. At the end of Bankfoot you will go Right on to the Pitcairngreen road follow this road for about 4 miles before taking a right towards Luncarty. OK so now you are over the bridge, take a right and follow this road. It will pop out at the A9 about a mile later. This is where you join the cycle path, follow this to the Almond. Take care as it gets quite steep as you drop towards the Almond, the corner is a bit silty too. Go under the A9 and when you emerge on the other side you will be on an old bridge over the Almond. Cross this bridge and go immediately left and onto the cycle path that will take you in to Perth via the North Inch… You know where you are Canto is available here for refreshments (they don’t seem to mind smelly cyclists). Refreshed, head for home over the Smeaton Bridge to Bridge end and out the Isla Road. There are lots of variations here: stay on this road or take a left for Stormontfield. If you go to Stormontfield you will rejoin this main road half a mile beyond Guildtown. So more options: 1 . Go to Guildtown and up the Wolfhill road to home OR 2. Go left and beast along the road for about 2.5 miles take a right and beast it up Bursie Brae (Gallow Hill) OR 3. Go another mile and a half along this road taking a right and come in to Woodside passing the cemetery on the way.

29 miles Ballo to Lundie
Description; Remember the 15 mile route, well this follows that to the top of Tullybaccart but at the junction with the A923 you go right and take the second turn off for Lundie (you could take the first turn off but the last time I was down there is was as rough as a boars arse and had more gravel on it than Rod Stewarts voice) At about miles 12 you are going to take a left and follow this road until you pop out on to the Dundee to Meigle road. Going left Newtyle is about two and a half miles from here. Keep rolling on down the hill and get to Meigle and then back home the usual Ardler de dah dah dah etc etc home!.

43 miles The Windmills
Description: This is a bit of a toughie, Head for Meigle and then Alyth, go right up the main street heading for Alyth Den (apparently this is a well known Dogging area) keep going for about.. erm lots of miles, and you will pop out on the Glen Shee Road, going left here head for Bridge of Cally. But just before you descend into BoC take a left its a quiet wee country road that will take you to Blairgowrie. Home is past Tesco and along those little roads to Coupar – its really up to you how you go from here – I would go by Campmuir.

43 miles Ice cream, You scream
Description: This is a good run. Getting to Visochi’s for Ice cream is easy, Ballo (knew you would like that start but there really is no other way over the Sidlaws) down to Knapp and then Longforgan. In Longforgan take station road and cross the railway line. you should now be heading for Dundee, there are fairly well defined cyclepaths all the way to the docks. You will do battle with the traffic from the docks to the roundabout at “Strips of Craigie”, when you can rejoin the cycle path all the way to the ferry. My route shows you coming back out through some of the more delightful areas of Dundee, but you could just as easily retrace you steps all the way home or back to The Swallow Hotel and go in via Fowlis to Tullybaccart and home.

51 miles Etape reccy
Description: Pitlochry to Rannoch to the very top of schiehallion and down the other side. then along through Dull to Logierait, and back to Pitlochry … its a belter!

66.6 miles The devil is in the detail
Description: Usual escape route from Burrelton to Kirriemuir, but head for the glens. The glen is question is Clova. Head all the way to the top of the glen, you might get a small libation at the Clova Hotel, but there is a great wee cafe in Kirrie where the cups were warmed and the traybakes evaporate (or was that because i was sooo hungry). Anyway back the way you came to home.

44 miles Can you aFORD to miss this one
Description: Escape burrelton to Murthly, Waterloo and Bankfoot. Take a right in Bankfoot and head towards to primary school. from here you head into the hills and the ford at the top of Little Glen Shee. At the ford remember to get into a low gear as there is a reasonably short but very sharp climb.. follow this road to Luncarty and use the cycle path to get to Perth. Home is out the A93 or Stormont field.

62 miles Fish Ladders and Whisky
This is a sweet run, Usual escape route out to Dunkeld. However, this is where is gets messy – go via the cyle path and avoid the A9 or take your cleatse by the cranks and go up the A9 for about 2 miles (best done at a sprint). Anyway past that bit and you are o the Dalguise road to Logierait and over a nasty wee hump (4 of them) (this is part of the Etape) to Dunkeld. From Dunkeld head for Kirkmichael, and then on to Bridge of Cally. At BoC you have a choice – if its out of the skiing season you will be reasonably safe to go straight to Blairgowrie. or go that wee back road as described in the windmill run. Anyway at Blairgowrie either go out past the cottage hospital to the Hedge and in the back door of Woodside – The alternative is out past Tesco and wiggle to Coupar Angus and home any way you like.

Dundee Circular

Take your route of choice fro Burrelton into Perth and meet any straglers at the South Inch Car Park. It’s then out the Edinburgh Road to Bridge of Earn. Take aright down the dron road as this keeps you off the fast long baigle Straight. Down there and take a left across to the main road and now head for Abernethy. Keep on through here to NewBurgh. Keep following the NCN signs and take a left just before the Petrol Station at the far end of Newburgh and follow the road to High Covert and take the left to Gauldry and then to Wormit. Keep Left in Wormit and follow the line of the river and pass under the Tay Road Bridge then take the first right, then first right again into the Car park. From there head to the bridge and the marked cycle path down the centre of the bridge. Now for the fun. You need to take the lift down to terra firma. Once on solid ground head along the riverside towards Invergowrie. With all the building work around the bridge and station you may have some detours but keep heading onto Invergowrie and then down by the station. Now you want to head along the riverside to the Longforgan Level Crossing. For those heading back to Burrelton peal off here and head up through Longforgan under the dual carriage way and then your favorite route up over Knapp and Ballo back to home. For those stragglers who were met in Perth, they can carry on along the road to Errol and St Madoes. Across the Dual Carriage way to Glencarse then follow the back road to  Balthayock and Kinoull Hill and back into Perth. No mater whether you are heading to Burrelton or Perth you will have  a nasty climb to negotiate.

Dunning Glen – tba

Rossie Ochil – tba

Keep coming back to this page as I will add more as I get the time to plot and plan.
I have used g-map-pedometer to create the route profiles. If you want instruction on how to do this ..just ask 🙂

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  2. Hi, I’m new to the area & now living between Glamis & Forfar. Always on the lookout for a good cafe while out on the bike & reading through your interesting routes I see you mention one in Kirrie in your route “The Devil is in the detail”. Can you give me the name please.

  3. Russ says:

    Thank you, I’ll have a look next ride.

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