Summer 16 Challenge

Some time ago a Time Trial route was setup for a spot of fun where everyone set off at 1 minute gaps and was chased by the person behind. This all being in the days before strava was all on trust and a nominate Bike computer to verify the times. Anyway now with everyone using Strava we can go do this digitally and don’t need to have others with you as Strava is the all seeing time keeper!

So for a spot of summer fun who fancies seeing what time they can set for the full route but also seeing if they can beat any of the segment times of the others.

The full route is and 39.5km starts just before the Smiths garage at Campmuir and then heads up the hill and takes the 3rd road on the left and along to Newtyle then head for Glamis and back via the “8 mile” road towards Meigle. The finish line of the challenge is by the Meigle cemetery before the Alyth road.

The segments links are below as is the current times which may have been set sometime ago and be “easily” improved on.

No prizes just a spot of fun 🙂

None of these segments cross major roads and as always if it not on Strava and can be verified then it didn’t happen!

Part 1 Start to CA Road (Ashley Wood) –                 4.8km

Part 2 Coupar Angus Road to Newtyle –     6.5km

Part 3 Newtyle to Glamis –         

Part 4 Glamis to Meigle –                      17.3km

Full –

For those trying to add the individual segment times and wondering why the don’t all match the full route time it is because these are your best times from any run not necessarily the same day as the full route time.

Segment Name Updated 20/07/16
Name TT1 TT2 TT3 TT4 Full Route
BP 8.50 11.22 17.10 28.46 1.12.27
SE 10.40 12.59 19.39 30.53 1.15.39
LK 11.50 12.34 18.27 36.13 1.22.09
AW 11.07 14.13 20.10 35.58 1.23.21
JA 11.11 15.18 22.42 38.19 1.30.48
DB 11.09 15.20 22.42 38.33 1.30.55
SW 13.46 16.06 21.40 42.55 1.44.21
AsM 13.02 17.12 33.39 49.39 2.07.29
AlM 9.46 13.36 19.54
SS 11.34 16.31 26.48
KS 24.41