Sunday the 27th August

Spooky start to the ride when everybody appeared from the direction of their homes on to the green at the same time,

We set off in to the wind and up Whitelea Road and heading as planned towards Wolfhill. We spooked a couple of horses on the descent into St Martins. No harm done, we headed off towards the airport.

Regrouping at the track that takes us across the end of the runway; Remember look left, look right and LOOK UP!  We discussed the prosecco sale at Lidl, how Alan turned up the day before and decided not to queue. I secured a case and met Alison (who I had been talking to at a BBQ about the cycling around Scone) She and he husband are regulars in these tracks!

We cross the main road and head for Bonhard. Taking the straight on to cycle “milk man’s walk” it became apparent that somebody was having a mechanical… Ashley was on the newly fettled by Alan mountain bike, and the gearing was a bit off. In Gannochy, the problem was resolved. Crossing the old bridge now and heading for the obligatory coffee stop, Alan pops a wheelie (well sort of) right in front of a guy who was videoing – mucho banter. Fed watered and now and heading for the river, via the race course. We press on! The ferry point came and went in a blur (not really) we stopped to see how much is would have cost (2d each) to cross before continuing this odyssey.

Arriving at a sort of sluice gate, Alan spots a kitten, looking a bit drookit and stuck on ledge. Alan borrows Iains gloves and climbs oven the gate on to the wall. He approached the young weasel, which is doing is best to “defend” itself. He distracts it with one hand, grabs it with the other and with one swift movement tosses the wild and snarling beast on to the bank. He hands Iain his gloves back… they are stinking. Stinking like a stinking thing that stinks a lot. Iain, is put to the back on the convoy.

Cycling along with the river on one side and a sort of canal type thingy on the other we negotiate HOLES, steel bridges and rocky narrow bits. There is a Duke of Edinburgh guide waiting poised on the only bridge across this canal (I think it feeds the fishponds) for her charges to come canoeing down the river. We cross the bridge and toil up the hill.

Cambusmichael comes up all too soon and we are heading up to Guildtown and home

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Sunday 30th July

This wee cross country run is open to all. Mtb or hybrid…  Best not be on a road bike.

We will set off from the green at 9:00am and head to Wolfhill and then on to Perth.. Retuning a bit later via a different route, but still not much on road and after we have had coffee In Perth…


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Gigantor has creaked its last

For the foreseeable future, the Gigantor will not be on any road runs.  It has a terminal crack in the top tube joint with the seat post tube… Warranty claim going in 😦

So all runs will now be MTB based… but none of that nutty stuff, just forest trails and some other challenging rutty bits…DSC_0321

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Race for Life…

Sunday 9th of July there is a 10k Race for Life in Perth.  I wish to be at the start at 9:30 and as such I will be leaving the Mitsubishi Garage in Burrelton at 7:00, cycling to Kinclaven, Murthly, Waterloo, Bankfoot, Luncarty and arriving at the North inch to watch the spectacle of the warm up and run start.

Once the runners are on their way, i will head for home probably via Stormontfield and Bursie (lol)… think this run is about 40 miles

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Shit happens

I have been a bit tardy lately and not sorting Sunday runs… But hey life gets In the way of the fun things.

So, this week is probably not going to have any sort of organised run. Tad windy… I will no doubt head into Ballo to run up some miles in the shelter of the trees.

However, the idea of a social clinic gathering had been mooted… And the mooter is going to do something about it.

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Sunday – Iron age fly past

Sunday’s run will start at The Mitsubishi garage in Burrelton at 8:30 and roll out to Meigle on the back road then up to the 5-ways and along to Shanzie and on to Kirkton of Kingoldrum. From here its back to Lintrathen Loch and down to that dodgy wee turn (Bamff i Ithink) that will take you round the back of Alyth. But before you get to Alyth, you take the Tullyfergus road and then head back to Coupar Angus on the back road.  From CA its along to the cemetery and in the back of Woodside. In all about 45 miles.

Where is the fort

As ever its weather permitting (and its currently not pretty).


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Sunday 28th May… Ordie

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