Glory or cost

Setting off on this first 40 miler of the year, second run with the knees out, we headed up Whitelea Road. I gave the usual pep talk about how this was the highest point on the whole run. ( It does not mean the rest of the run is flat).

Simon claims the 30’s at Guildton, as I snort “sod this”. I have a hangover, and just feel tired. We then headed down towards the racecourse, Simon thinks he is going to claim a second 30 by turning off the ”main” road into Stormontfield – he is disabused of this foolish behaviour. ( I saw this once before where Alan and John did something similar at Inverarity). Any way onward to Old Scone and then along the main road to Perth… I got this 30’ at Quarry Mill.

Rolling round the inch and then up the side of the A9 we take the back road in to Luncarty. Leaving Luncarty, we three pile along the road to Stanley.  Going through Stanley a car driver parped his horn at us… clearly this old curmudgeon was just desperate to get to church. So desperate he cut Simon really close. Andy asked if we knew the car driver because of the parping.

On the Airntully road  now, it’s a lot more lumpy than I had remembered.  Heading to Murthly “it’s only 1 mile to coffee” Simon gets goaded in to a pace up for the 40’s… lol and then sits on his crossbar, froomy style, I see my chance and go for it, a bit of straightening out the bends and pressing quite hard on the pedals we race – Simon wins by less than half a wheel. Andy is in hysterics at the childish behaviour.

We are sitting outside at Murthly gulping our paid for coffee and devouring the scones, when some more cyclists arrive – I call out, “you will have to go somewhere else, the bike rack is full” Andy, sprays his coffee and is now laughing so hard he  gets a stitch. I don’t know what impression Andy has of me – but I had to explain that I knew the cyclists (Jim Callum, Barry and another). Given last weeks rule of you walk you pay – I came up with a new 30’s rule… “If you are winning the 30’s count on a run, you buy the coffees” a sort of tax on taking to 30’s. Obviously this is just not going to happen!

Refreshed we head for Caputh, I don’t contest the 30, neither does Andy. Spittlefield next, now there is a segment from the top of the hill to the 30’s – I like to do this… but today as we crested the hill, there was too much head wind, so I backed off. Simon spying the 30’s starts his acceleration  and he quickly takes the 30 – no he does not – he got to the 30 with the three bars… seeing he had backed off mistakenly, I put the hammer down and crash past to take the actual 30’s.

We head up the Lethenday road through the Stone circle and get to the junction, Andy gets the jump on us here and we are heading to the Golf Course Road. Simon and I both notice the left turn before GCR had a 30 right at the road end… we behave most badly and are now racing for the GCR 30’s – I have a choice, he has the line – do I squeeze him out or go wide at the corner… I go wide. Now, Andy didn’t appreciate the 30 was at the road end and shot past us on GCR… we reeled him in, he thought the 30’s were further along.

We take the back road to Coupar, well nearly Coupar… the head wind was awful.

Andy goes right to Blair’ and Simon and I head back to the start… in all a 44 mile run for us … Andy a bit more.

No run next week being set by me, due to family birthdays etc etc.


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It means water!

Start at MItsubishi Motors Burrelton 8:30 for this relatively flat run (as flat as Perthshire can be :-).

Ok, so you know the start, its over to Guildton, and then down to the race course. From old Scone it’s into Perth and over the old bridge, wheeling left and looping round under the bridge to follow the river to the A9.  After crossing the river, you go under the A9 and head up the cycle-path to Luncarty. Exiting Luncarty heading for Stanley (not Stan Lee – there are no super heroes here). At the top of Stanley, we break left towards Airntully and then right back on to the Murthly Road. I know, you will be ready for your coffee by now.

Coffee is served at Uisge… if its nice we will sit outside – the question is will they charge us first?

Refreshed we head for Caputh and Meiklieour. At Meiklour we take the Coupar road. The Coupar road brings us in at the school. From Coupar its up Pleasance Road and in the back of Campmuir and back down to Woodside and the finish.

In all its 40 miles. Following rivers!

As ever Weather permitting!

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Its not the walk of shame, it’s the walk of cost

8:30  start, just three of us, and for the first time this year B A L L O…

Its always a slow climb, and our new Ballo virgin, found it hard going too. Still Ballo conquered and Jocks Brae descended, we headed for Littleton. Simon took off up to Littleton, not realising until he got there that Littleton is a. very little, and b. not the top of the hill. We regrouped at the top and planned the next section through Lundie. I did my proper ride leader bit and gave out all the warning about road surface on the descent into Lundie. We took three cyclists as we past the Kaisers gates. and stopped to chat to their leader. (their leader being the only adult in the group…lol)

Heading for Newtyle, I put the hammer down, a little too early as my acquisition of the 30’s was thwarted by the the road works… fatmentum was all gone.  I had not appreciated that Simon was wheel sucking me all the way down the hill. score one to Simon. We headed for Kirkinch, and curiously for the first time I felt we were heading into the wind.  We took a left and guess what… into the wind… how does that even work? He took the Meigle ones too and the Ardler ones.  But as luck would have it, my usual distraction methods came good and I took the Kettins ones. I lost the Woodside ones – my excuse was that the 30’s have a wait here for the lights sign just before them and couldn’t cross until we had a green light.

Anyway home now, bike away, and now to ponder next weeks. Hopefully Andy will join us again and not have been put off by the baptism of Ballo.


New rule: If you have to walk you pay for the coffee…

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Meigle in April…

Since my employer removed access to this and all the other blog sites, as they represent a data security risk, my Wednesday planning sessions over a bowl of homemade soup at lunchtime have come to a stuttering halt.

So, I was thinking for tomorrow Sunday the second of April I would cycle to Meigle, going via Abernyte and Lundie (maybe Auchterhouse – you know that “never been on that bit of road” quest is still in operation) it will be about 25 miles there and then back via Kettins et al… all in 35 miles. Meigle the long way round

If anybody like to join me either on this run or just at the coffeeshop, I aim to leave Mitsubishi Motors Burrelton at 8:30am and be in Meigle Joinery at about 10:30.

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who would have thought..

For the first time in a very very long time, we have a whole month without any sort of update. Part of the reason is the weather, the next part is the removal of access to this site from my lunchtime browsing and the last is apathy.

From my last excursion in the freezing January air, February was either too wet or too cold. So, weather permitting I will be out at 8:30 to go to Dunkeld, going off road at Murthly, crossing the A9 and then dropping back down to the Sawmill road, before heading into Dunkeld for a coffee and a warm up. the return journey is as yet undecided… who knows, maybe a good Samaritan will pick me up in Dunkeld and run me home like the last time 🙂

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Never Before…

has a cyclist ever had so many half crown tanner moments is such a short journey as I had this morning on my way to Dunkeld.

The main road was fine, only little icey patches here and there in the gutter, the wee back roads were a different matter, with frozen rivers crossing the entire width. To traverse these I used a feet down like stabilisers method. I had thought it would improve going off road at Murthly, and it did for about a nano second.

Joining the road again near the Sawmill, saw a return to the squeaky bum moments. Riding the road on the crown is not a good idea at the best of times, but it was the only bit that looked ice free.

I stopped on the bridge going in to Dunkeld for a wee photo opportunity, and a vehicle has the audacity to toot at me. I was on the pavement, with my bike, taking in the vista and framing my shot!

The car was driven Dave, come for a coffee, as it turns out. I would have been in Dunkeld on my own. The planned coffee shop was shut, so we went to the old post office for a warming coffee and bit bun…

Home now, thawing out!

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Long and Hard

Long and Hard is what I thought about this weeks run…

So, given my total lack of fitness and my pre/post Christmas excess that I am still carrying… this weeks run allows me to travel at my pace and not hold anybody else up.

The route is completely up to you! What? Yes, completely up to you. Here is how it works, we meet for coffee in Dunkeld at 10:30am, so you start from where ever you want… Your own home or somebody elses :-).


The picture above is just an example and does not reflect the routes actually taken 🙂


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