Shit happens

I have been a bit tardy lately and not sorting Sunday runs… But hey life gets In the way of the fun things.

So, this week is probably not going to have any sort of organised run. Tad windy… I will no doubt head into Ballo to run up some miles in the shelter of the trees.

However, the idea of a social clinic gathering had been mooted… And the mooter is going to do something about it.

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Sunday – Iron age fly past

Sunday’s run will start at The Mitsubishi garage in Burrelton at 8:30 and roll out to Meigle on the back road then up to the 5-ways and along to Shanzie and on to Kirkton of Kingoldrum. From here its back to Lintrathen Loch and down to that dodgy wee turn (Bamff i Ithink) that will take you round the back of Alyth. But before you get to Alyth, you take the Tullyfergus road and then head back to Coupar Angus on the back road.  From CA its along to the cemetery and in the back of Woodside. In all about 45 miles.

Where is the fort

As ever its weather permitting (and its currently not pretty).


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Sunday 28th May… Ordie

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Etape Caledonia… It Is On

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Wee are going on a Bear hunt.


So Weather permitting, here is the plan for Sunday… starting 08:30 at Mitsubishi Motors in Burrelton, we head out the main road   and head up to Alyth. crossing the 5 ways we head for Shanzie and then on to Kingoldrum before heading back towards Lintrathen Loch.  Going anti-clock round the loch we will head back towards Alyth, Taking the Banff road and defo this time going down the glen to Alyth, dropping down to Meigle and along the road to Newtyle to begin our journey home… in all about 45 miles.


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Glen Shee … Little

Ok the weather is looking fine for Sunday, so I planned a we run out to Little Glen Shee (the last time I was there it snowed).

So, 8:30 departure from Mitsubishi Motors in Burrelton, up Whitelea Road, down Bursie, over the Bridge of Isla(m) and out to Murthly. From here we go to Waterloo… and then Bankfoot. Taking a right at Bankfoot, we go to the Shee. From the Shee we go to Luncarty and on back to Murthly for coffee (Uisge – I am not a flight risk) before heading back to the start… in total about 45 miles of cycling joy…lol

To the Shee  <– The route


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In to the Valley

Usual start from Mitsubishi Motors in Burrelton at 8:30 on Sunday.

I thought I would take a trip down memory lane and do the TT, obviously not at great speed or indeed any real speed above my normal.

The route is out of Woodside to Campuir, take the second left after Campmuir and head along to Glamis, then head up the Kirrie road and take the 8 mile road to Meigle for the obligatory post TT coffee. then its home any way you feel like.




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