Sunday 3rd June

Setting off from the green at 9am – yes being good to you all again with these late starts!

We will go to the grave yard, the beech hedge, and on to Blair’ then out the slightly dodgy road to Alyth and the five ways circle (as they say in Dundee). From the 5 ways we take the second exit and make like we are going to Glen Isla, but we won’t. We will take a right, right on the corner before the start of the big climb. And pootle along there past the iron age fort. When we get to the t-junction the intention is to go right and drop down on to the Kirrie’ road. So with a bit of vigour in our step, we follow the road towards Westmuir, but turn off well before that to drop down on to the 8 Mile road, where we will head for Meigle and a coffee (other beverages are available) and possibly a scone (other cakey type things are also available).

Heading back after the refreshment stop, we go up the roughest bit of road to Ardler, Kettins and Campmuir.

Finishing at the green.

ironage fort run

There will be no scheduled run the following week.

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Sunday 27th May…Glamis

Planning a wee cycle to somewhere, not up Ballo or Littleton, its maybe even a bit hill avoidance.

When out last Sunday, as I got back on to the Kettins road heading for home, I spotted a small group of cyclists from the Angus Cycle Club (based out of Forfar) I chased them down and had a chat. One thing that struck me was that the guy at the front set the routes, only told the pack where they were going and gave no clue as to the route. They were going from Forfar to Bankfoot and back. It just goes to prove that while you think I am always leading you on a mystery tour, it is just a trait of the bike ride leader.

So, having set the scene above, Sundays run will be to Glamis and back. My concession to the mystery tour is it will all be on road. Coffee stops will be available, but may or may not be used!

Depart the green at 09:00

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Sunday 25th of February… Winter WMT

Is it still a wmt, even I know where we are going?

Starting at 9am from the green (Village Not the Jolly Giant), we will head round the millennium to the grave yard and then to Coupar agnus. So, from here we find our way to the Isla and get ourselves on to the flood defences where we will go up stream for a bit before popping up to the main road.  Crossing the road we take a number of marked paths (I have tried this before ) to eventually end up at Ardler and then for a scone at Meigle…  If other pesky cyclists don’t get them all first.


As ever mtb, wmt and wp (tma)


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Right then…

So it’s the new year and all those resolutions are in takers already. Well here’s the plan… When it’s a tad warmer, I will be setting some Sunday runs. 

P.s. I didn’t make any resolutions. 

P.p.s if you have a route in mind, let me know 🙂

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Sunday 26th November 

Planning to do a one way ride from the North Inch, starting at 11:35. Route is likely to be to Dunkeld and then home from there. This is a road bike run. Wp

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Conspires against me…

There I was thinking I could go to Escape Route for a tea (don’t do coffee). When rugby duties take over.

The plan is to start at the North Inch at 10:10 and do a road run for about an hour or so and be back at the inch in time to watch the rugby.

Something like this Perth Loop

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The Sunday Ride

Saw this and it rung true of many a Sunday rain hail sleat snow and occasional sunshine too. With mocking from family for venturing out in fetching lycra for hours.

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