What does a Sunday ride involve?

  • A regular fitness/training ride for reasonably fit cyclists.
  • A chance to develop your riding skills and confidence.
  • Led by an qualified ride leader who can manage the pace to ensure everyone gets something from the ride.
  • We always wait for punctures and at tops of hills. No-one gets dropped or left behind.
  • Varied routes, mostly on smaller roads – and almost always with a café stop.
  • Fun sprinting for 30 signs will probably happen.
  • Distances vary from 40 – 70 miles depending on time of year, weather and level of experience.
  • Rides leave at 8 am from March to October and at 9 am from November to February. Rides leave from either the garage in Burrelton or the South Inch Car Park Perth and return by lunchtime (longer rides may get back after 1 pm). Occasionally we meet at other locations.

Ride Routes

  • These are varied from pan flat to hilly.
  • They are usually set by the ride leader but anyone can make a suggestion for a future ride which will then be considered and planned.
  • See “Training with the Clinic” for sample of runs.

What about leisure rides?

  • These are occasional fun MTB rides.
  • The pace is managed by a qualified ride-leader, people generally ride together, and we wait at the tops of any hills, Junctions and for punctures to be repaired.

Who can come on a ride?

  • All are welcome – you don’t have to live in Burrelton or Perth.
  • Under-16s must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Our aim is to organise safe and enjoyable rides, but you participate at your own risk.

What about women riders?

  • We recognise that cycling has tended to be quite male-dominated, both as a sport and an activity, and that this has put some women off (or prompted them to set up women-specific groups).
  • We prefer to bring people together by offering rides that are suitable for both men and women, and by encouraging a friendly atmosphere on club rides.

Do I have to be a member to take part?

  • There is no application process or membership fee.
  • You can easily keep in touch with club activities, just by checking the Blog.
  • Please respond on the blog to let us know you are coming.

What do I need to come on a ride?

  • For fitness rides, you’ll need a road bike (racing, touring, cross). Hybrids, MTBs, and single-speeds are unlikely to be suitable for longer or faster rides.
  • On any group ride, it’s a good idea to come equipped as if for a solo ride – with whatever you need to get you home.
  • Check your bike beforehand – tyres should be fully inflated and in good condition, and brakes and gears should be in good working order.
  • Wear suitable clothing (check the forecast) – a helmet and mitts/gloves are recommended.
  • Bring a pump and spare tube (preferably two) plus a puncture repair kit and tyre levers.
  • Carry basic tools (Allen keys, chain-breaker).
  • Always bring water or an energy drink – and some food (e.g. a banana).
  • It’s a good idea to bring money (for the café stop) and a mobile phone.

What about safety in the group?

  • The key to riding safely in a group is for front riders not to make any sudden or unexpected moves, or to change speed rapidly or without warning.
  • Alert riders behind you to hazards, either by pointing to them or shouting “Gravel”, “Holes”, etc.  Call “Lights” for a red traffic light, and “Nose” for a vehicle approaching on a narrow road.
  • “Tail” means there’s a vehicle behind, trying to overtake, and “Single out” means the group needs to be in single file to let it past.

What else do you do?

  • We have occasional social evenings, riding to the Ardler Tavern for beer and chat.