About Us

The Spoke Clinic was started in late 2009 started as a curry club, meeting sporadically without the bikes! Until a bright spark, I forget who, suggested we get out on our bikes and ride. As a way of getting out the house on a Sunday morning with like minded cycling fanatics… ha ha ha.

None of us will ever see our teens, 20’s or 30’s again.

We manage to get out most Sundays and even continued through the chilliest days of winter 2010 and 2012 except for the days when there was snow on the ground or black ice on the roads. The Vale of Strathmore is our usual hunting ground, but we have been known to venture to Montrose, Crieff, Edzell, Kinross, Glens Isla, Clova, Prosen and Shee, Pitlochry and all points in between. “Training with the Clinic” page has more run details

The preplanned routes are concocted using g-maps pedometer (nobody ever trusted my distance estimation). The clinicians go out as a pack following the very detailed directions on these looping runs. Most of us have done the Caledonian Etape as least twice. We do not race, although it might appear that way from side lines and at the 30’s and we don’t leave anybody behind for long, regrouping at junctions and sometimes at the top of hills. We want to keep cycling fun and sociable!

Check the FAQ page for more information on what we do and how we do it.

1 Response to About Us

  1. Hi
    Please take a look at http://www.bycycle.org.uk
    We have been running leisurely Wednesday evening rides May – August, several from your neck of the woods and usually ending up in the pub.
    We do a 40 miler every 3rd Sunday, minly from Bell’s Sports Centre Perth, with a lunch stop.
    This Sunday is the Saints Ride – St Andrews to St Johnstoun [Perth]. We lift you and your bikes to St A and you cycle back at your own pace, or you can join the group ride-within-the -ride. All for £15.
    Numbers are limited but there remain some places. Electronic entries from the ByCycle website.
    Hope we can meet up!
    Katharine Melville
    ByCycle Secretary
    01350 727048

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