Dr Who… What?

Todays run could be defined by songs “should have known better” out whitelea Road the chatter was all about Dr Who and how Karen and I are never seen in the same peleton.  The children I am with are now just calling me Karen.
The first 30 went to Simon, actually they all went to him today,  mustly unchallenged but also goaded. St Martins Balbeggie abernyte all came and went with me dropping off the back, and coughing my lungs up. Maybe today should not have been so long. By the time we got to Knapp I was puggled and ready for a sleep. Good job there was black ice and this gave the opportunity to lie down on the road at speed. I felt my helmet strike the tarmac, and once standing realised my hip had taken a knock and my forearm. Looking round Simon was also on the deck and so was David.”another one bites the dust”
Composed we walked a bit to get out of the shadows and set off for Fowlis the Liff and Muirend.
My total lack of form prompted the guys to ask if I wanted to just go home… Nah, I could virtually smell the coffee at The Pot and Pantry 7 miles away. We set off, and I got dropped.. They waited at a Lundie junction, I went past with a friendly wave(all fingers). Not stopping as I had a decent rhythm was good so. A bit further up the road, the dynamic duo reeled me in.
Now, one of my favourite descents is the one into Newtyle. I realised that I was catching them. Squirting past David, I kept my nerve and sat on Simon’s wheel. Bump in the road, my bike rattles, Simon glances round and spots me… About 75yards to early, I go past, knowing that I have poked the bear. The bear goes past and claims the 30. David now goes past me and I follow at a distance to Meigle.
PandP scones had, tea and capuchinos consumed, we mount up and head back. My hip has tightened some what.
Ardler is approaching, Holy carp, there is freakin black ice… Squeeky bum time, Ardler is all icey. We continue on to Kettins and back to home. The corner at Balgersho was taken at the slowest speed since I really don’t know when.
NEXT week is in the plot planing.. Similar distance, may be a wee bit more, this getting fit while coughing up yer lungs has to be done.

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2 Responses to Dr Who… What?

  1. David says:

    Like Dr Who, Karen regenerated. Except this time it wasn’t into another Dr but into the Master. The Routemaster 😀.
    Chuffing chilly at times but glad the rain stayed away.
    All was rolling nicely until we smacked down and got up close and personal with the tarmac. Progress was slower s and more cautious from there on.
    Normality resumed on the blast to Meigle. The thought of scones does strange thing to a cyclist.
    It was a fresh wake up call approaching Ardler with more black ice.
    A few aches but mostly my hand being bruised and sore.
    Hopefully all good for more fun next week. Just no up close and personal with tarmac again please.

  2. karen steeple says:

    Honestly I take my eyes of you two for one minute and you are having naps on the tarmac !
    The ‘Elusive’ Karen x

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