Bridie hunted

I don’t know where to start with this run.
OK, at midnight in the pub I was not feeling over enthused at the thought of cycling this morning. At 8am, I decided it would be a shame not to. 9am Simon arrived closely followed by David.
We set off pretty much on time with a slight head/cross wind. The Campmuir kicker is just too early, Simon is already feeling the burn.
On Towards Kettins, and SE takes the 30’s. He would not get it all his own way today. The road has slightly flooded sections and muddy gutters. That said, it didn’t dampen SE’s desire to claim 30s, he got Ardler. I took Meigle, and weave in and out the cones to head for the 8 mile road. Who knew they were not directly behind me. They lost me, how is beyond me. I am a large sort of person dressed in an oversized bright yellow jacket (well its a bit speckled now). David got dropped as yet again his Garmin broke free from it’s mount. Time for a new Mount. By the time he got into Meigle he saw Simon circling having lost Andrew.
Eight mile road, is just that, it has more up than I remember. We cruise on with SE’s radar picking up cars and me sometimes. Going past a wood a bull terrier in its harness shot out at us, I bellowed, and David clipped it with his pedal. A couple of inches further over and we would have been picking David out the tarmac. The dog and its lab companion were alone. No sign of the irresponsible owner.
Crossing the Kirriemuir road and going past the sawmill, this road has more floody sections (thank goodness for Sealskinz). We roll on to pananandramalamadingdong and head for Forfar, I need my Cuppa. SE takes off racing for the 30. Its a 20. Then the 30 is 100yds round the corner. David and SE, safely negotiate the roundabout, but me, I am met by a speeding volvo v40, who slams in the anchors, and I go safely past. Only to be squeezed at the traffic bollards by the twat.
We arrive at Panzerotti for coffee, its closed. The door is open so SE calls in. The owner tells us it opens at 12.we explain that we just want coffee, so we get sat in a dark corner of the restaurant… Well it’s away from the windows so it was not showing as open. Anyway, coffee and panettone scoffed. We were just about to leave when another 5 random arrived doing exactly what we did… Hiding us didn’t work did it.
As we headed toward McDonalds, David scores a surprise 30. It was a surprise as nobody saw it until David has run it through.
Forfar is far behind and we head towards Scarytown….Right, its an easy road to Eassie. I had to chase SE down, to make sure he got the left turn.
Gone left, the only interesting thing about this road is the flock of Guinea Fowl. The ever observant SE gets the 30. Scarytown to Kirkinch is and easy roll, then Meigle to The Pot and Pantry for more refreshments but no eats.
Back to the house now, but not before I had goaded Simon into the 30s at Ardler. I stole Kettins.

Mudguards could be the way forward judging by how clean the back of Simons Jacket was compared to ours. Even the “ass saver” on Davids bike had failed to live up to it’s name.
NEXT run is next week WP as usual unless you Fayring when next run is the Brewdog one on the 8th December from Brewdog in Perth.

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2 Responses to Bridie hunted

  1. David says:

    I saw no bridies! Excellent time out and good laughs. My energy levels had certainly dropped by Ardler. Next week could be play it be ear as weather is forecast to get chillier again.

  2. David says:

    Just remembered about Simons topiary needing a trim

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