On a low heat

Sunday 3rd November. Starting from Burrelton we will have a casual no drop ride out, approximately 40 miles in length with the distinct possibility of a coffee stop somewhere along the way.
As I have signed up for the Loch Ness Etape, this is where my training begins. The goal is to beat my previous time.
So, training starts on a low heat. Burrelton to BoC, then over to the Tullymurdoch road, down to the Den of Alyth and then on to Meigle for a coffee then back some way to the start.

As ever, weather permitting. Start time is 9am.

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3 Responses to On a low heat

  1. David says:

    Ok I’m in. Oh and as doing ELN too i guess i better train too.

  2. Simon Evans says:

    Sadly, as I’m also doing ELN, my training will have to wait, as I’ve got to look after a shoot weekend, so won’t make it. Mind you after a couple of recent days at 37 degrees, would probably find it a wee bit chilly !!!
    Next week ?

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