Radar Love

Nothing to do with Golden Earring but Simons Garmin radar. Into the headwind on our way to Pitlochry and the sound of cars being kept behind us the little Radar unit on the back of Simons bike sensed approaching cars and his Garnin glowed red in warning.  A very effective tool.

Anyway back to the more mundane. No Andrew this week, he is off falling from his bike with others elsewhere so Simon, New Boy Willie and I gathered at Brewlands. Simon being the local guide I just set the start and and mid coffee point the rest was up to him!! ALthought there was a mild panic when i heard it was Pitlochry Highland Games this weekend, but thankfully on Saturday not Sunday. Off we set, Drumore Loch and over to A93 then down to Bridge of Calley. The road is R.A.F in places and the section down into Calley is being closed later this week for resurfacing. The theme of today was Simon gets the 30’s, there was an occasional half hearted challenge but nope he had a clean sweep.

No coffee stop at the Kirkmichael garage but on into the headwind and over the moor.

Idiot Driver 1 – 19 Plate Focus decided that there was room on the narrow bridge for them and Simon so barged on through rather unsafely.

Idiot Driver 2 – Further up at the top of the Moor despite a fast approaching Volvo Idiot 2 in a Range Rover barged past on a dangerous section and had to cut in swiftly in front of us to avoid colliding with Volvo and no doubt taking us out too.

Simon did a sterling job of riding on the front shielding us from the wind then led the charge down the Edradour Hill. I spy the 14% gradient and start thining of the return climb. Easy seeing that Simon knows this road as he had no fear and knew exactly where the 30 was. I backed off. New road time and over by the gold course and round some tight bends to ER for Coffee. Willies wife met him there and dragged him off to get scrubbed off to go to a doo that afternoon.

No matter how much Willie and I tried we were no match or size to activate Simons Radar, But we have a scheme for next time,

Fueled it was off via West Haugh and up another R.A.F road surface to Edradour (Sneaky 30, Simon pleading innocence not knowing of it’s existence). Then up the 14% climb. It was slow, 5mph at times so no PR’s for Simon Today he paced me up the hill which i’ve never managed to get all the way up previously without a walk. The tail wind may have helped too but we shall gloss over that.  How the heck somebody got planning permission for the ugly box house neat Edradour next to the traditional styles i’ll never understand. Easily seeing my previous attempt was slow as even at 5mph it was a PR up there 🙂

No idiots on the return to Kirkmichael just a blast of a run, me trying and failing to match the stealth bike.

Our run was now accompanied but a new distraction. My saddle creaking like mad and flexing like a bendy thing. It is no more. My worry was it splitting completely and the jewels getting crimped, or worse! Certainly no stealth mode for now. On up the Glenshee road to the Pottery turn off. Legs feeling it a bit now and a bit concerened about the nippy ramp at Glenkilrie especially with the all the motorbikes taking no prisoners as they sped past. Teeth gritted i got up but the right hammy was nipping to a wee stop once off the main road. Ewan Whippet was at home, what a shame Simon didn’t know earlier 🙂 On and up to Forter Castle and back to Brewlands for a cracking time on roads lest traveled.

Now to find a replacement saddle, First step, check which old discarded ones i have in the garage for now before heading to Mr Google.

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3 Responses to Radar Love

  1. Simon Evans says:

    Yes, a very enjoyable blast ! There was no tail wind going up the Moulin, so brilliant effort. The Cairnwell next !!…….

  2. Simon Evans says:

    Oh yes, ha bloody ha !!!

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