To the Lady Garden

Parked up by the pitches in Nethy Bridge, we set up the bikes for our expedition to Grantown on Spey.

Being the ride leader I set off first to scope out how to get on to the Speyside Way(it wasn’t hard). We set off together and followed (mostly) the disused railway.

First incident, one of our number fell off in slow motion into the heather. Following the Speyside way, it is peppered with gates, which rather than being annoying, made the one at the front go the the back as they held the gate open.

Emerging from this very gentle off road section at the Smokehouse, we crossed the main road and gently climbed into Grantown. Approaching the square, there was an ominous metal clank. Ashe’s pedal and crank hit the road. Alan set about re attaching the crank to the bike. Job done, we went into the cafe/bakery ate cake drank our beverages and studied the map to find the Ladies Garden. It would have been rude not to visit.

There is a level of smut that follows any thing to do with the lady gardens.

We headed back towards Nethy Bridge on the road. The headwind is unpleasant. Alan, is at the head of the snake and me, I am at the back. There is an impromptu regroup. We are off road now, its good to be off the road, but it is a wee tad lumpy. We regroup a couple of times. Sandra falls into the bracken, causing a minor traffic Jam on a skittery we rise. Back on the road at Castle Roy (ruin), we are on the final approach to Nethy Bridge. I don’t go to the cars… Only the drivers do that, we all go up the Dell Road to our abode for the weekend.

Tomorrow we are going Ryvoan.

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