Let’s see how the old grey cells recall the events. Bit of a long one this so get a cuppa buckle up and sit back.

Gotta love Scottish summers. Set a date in the diary for a cycle and all week the forecast is showing as Thunder Showers!!

Common belief is that women take ages to get ready as they can’t decide what to wear. That should really be changed to cyclists. Gilet or Rain Jacket, Over shoes or not. Change of Jersey as the other one has bigger pockets for the rain jacket. Etc.

Roll out back of 8 attired in Gilets and Arm warmers and over shoes on and with the rain jackets packed away.

Convoluted start mainly due to strava maps not being updated with the new Perth road system around Inveralmond. Doing so meant I could get the first 30 of the day! I peak early with the statement of not challenging the others are don’t want to burn all my matches too early. On up to Luncarty and the Stanley 30 is uphill, so Simon is welcome to it.

Still Dry!

At Caputh the have an interesting Road Safety Measure. A Clothed Child sized dummy and kids bike tucked into the hedge on the Manse Road corner such that you just see it last minute. Bet a few drivers have had a scare.

Through Dunkeld under the road and onto the lower slopes of the Amulree Climb. 20% of distance done and the rain starts. We try and ignore it but eventually have to shelter under some trees and get the rain jackets on. No sign or sound of the forecast thunder but the rain looks set in and the low cloud shrouds the hill tops. UP past the brewery and the old Hotel at Amulree is still under reconstruction. It even looks like it could be getting converted into housing. On past Foulford golf course and we have never yet seen anyone playing it.


Freefall down to Gilmerton with a very courteous 4×4 driver hanging back and not barging past. We give him a wave as he passes us on the Crieff Road.

By now the rain is turned to drizzle. We had debated about first coffee stop but the Red Squirrel in Crieff at the 42 mile mark wins. Coffee and Scone inhaled and off we go again and thankfully the rain has stopped. Gloves needed wrung out! OOOOPS I forgot to shout to Simon early enough about the right turn in Crieff on to the Comrie Road. A slight overshoot. Still dry as we roll through Comrie and take the Dalrannoch road. Rain Jackets off gilets back on! My rain jacket stayed off until nearly home.

Still Dry

Plenty of wild campers around Loch Earn South Road.  The road rolls up and on. We pull over for the first time today to let a van past on the narrow road. Down into Lochearnhead and I have a wee dig at the 30 but as you know Simon got it.

Still Dry

Bit of a headwind back along the North Loch Road and I tuck in behind Simon forgetting to take my turn on the front. But the road surface in Stirlingshire is amazing. It changes noticeably for the worse once back into P&K,

We hear a vehicle behind us and assume it’s a car and caravan on long trailer and not easily able to pass us. We pull over to let it past and it was only a small campervan!! We get a wave of thanks from some of the other drivers. In general, the motorists have been good today.

The Hotel at St Fillans should be a brewery and coffee ship but looks very frozen in time. Fallen through grand ideas, I think.

Somewhere my head thought 79 miles was the marker for next coffee stop but that now works out as mid-way between Comrie and Crieff, so into Hansens Deli for a refuel and water bottle top up. Not the best cappuccinos, more like just white coffee. As we came into Comrie the signpost says Perth 25 miles My Garmin say 75 miles done. It’s looking tight for hitting the distance without some circling near home!!

Still Dry, arm warmers off!

I remember to shout directions to Simon for the Crieff turning and head out the Kinkell Bridge road. It always catches me out going along there and you see a road climbing up but then realise that’s the Farm road and we don’t 😊 The Climb to St Davids was not lightning fast, but my pace has certainly dropped off in these later stages. A wee breather at St Davids and stretch the legs.

90 Mile mark we see out first road cyclist of the day!! There has been the occasional person on a bike, but this is out first lycra warrior spotting. Are the only nutters to go out today?

Black clouds loom and rain spots get heavier. I opt for rain jacket at Balgown, Simon pulls up the arm warmers and brave it. In the end Simons Idea was best.

Back to Huntingtower and the 100 mile mark not showing. Tescos comes and the 99 mile mark tick over on the garmin. I’ve no idea how many times I’ve done this section of road, but I hadn’t realised that the main road was 40 and the 30 limit was at the pedestrian crossing on New House Road. I manage to grab the last 30 of the day. First and Last!! On up West Mains and the countdown to 100 miles progresses slowly. Then between Robertson & Fittes road the magic number appears, and a happy yelp is released.

Still Dry.

Home and 2 happy cyclists.

Thanks for the trip Simon.

Points of Note

I have a reputation for sneezing. But I never usually sneeze while cycling. Today was an exception and I startled Simon not once or twice not even thrice but four times a machine gun like volley of sneezes came out. Maybe I’m allergic to cycling 100 miles.

Would I do it again. Yes, depending on the route. Certainly not on one of Simons other routes that end with a climb of Cairngorm!

Simon had new shorts on!

We did miss the wit repartee and despicable behavior of Andrew but as he had a letter from his Mum to excuse him we will let him off this time!

West Mains was not a dead mans crawl.



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2 Responses to Achoooooooo

  1. Simon Evans says:

    Great review !, though you did miss your illegal move through the no entry sign at the top of the loch !!!

    • David says:

      Lol. Just trying to not publicise such manoeuvres. Wouldn’t want to give cyclists an even worse reputation. Might have been different if it was to sneak a 30. I would have boasted about that 😀

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