Moister than a moist thing.

Setting off from the North Inch in what was just a light drizzle, a drizzle that you knew would penetrate the waterproof and chill you to the bone, all was well. The North inch was quiet as all the sane sport pursuing people had probably made the right decision to stay home and watch the football. Me, I had an hour and a half to kill while my son played rugby.

The route took me along the rivers Tay and Almond ( I swear I could have been in the rivers). Enough of this rain talk! I cross the Almond and head up to Bertha Park, the new school and housing development, forgetting that it is not a made road once you get past the farm. The road bike survived. Piling down the new tarmac beyond the school and back over the Almond, I head for Hunting tower and up the hill to the Tibbermore road. At Tibbermore I take a left, knowing full well that at the end of this road was the A9 dual carriageway. Up the hill now, it climbs more than I had thought. The A9 appears, so I about turn and cruise happily back to Tibbermore and then cross the Tibbermore Road heading for the A85. I have about a mile on the A85, this was much more river like. Into Almondbank and up the hill to Pitcairngreen, the rain is proper now, none of the lightweight drizzle – ENOUGH OF THE RAIN TALK! I am on the return to the car now just the A9 flyover to Luncarty and I will be back on traffic free routes.

Back at the Inch, I wipe the moisture from my Garmin with newly rung out glove, to discover that I am 3 miles short of my target for the day. I cross Perth on Tay Street to the South Inch then back through the near deserted town and back to the North Inch. Arrgh, still half a mile short! I quick loop of the Inch and to the car.

At the car, I have a problem, all this moisture and most of it absorbed by my clothes. I have the wrong car, the other car has the plastic seat covers (the ones the garages use when they service your car). I peel of my jacket and hang it over the door – a vanity curtain if you will. In the back of the car, sitting on a “bag for life” plastic bag I squirm out of my wet gear, and without a towel try to get into dry clothes – easier said than done. Once dressed I take the plastic bag and fill it with the wet clothes – my plan to keep the car dry has failed … the water has run off the sides of the bag and the back seat is a wee bit damp!

Next week it is Buckie to Aviemore!(and beyond) How far beyond, before the broom wagon sweeps me up is anybodies guess.


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1 Response to Moister than a moist thing.

  1. David says:

    Reminds me of a twitter put down by the Singer James Blunt. When asked by some wise guy how he got women with his songs his reply was – Moist!

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