The Easter Miracle

The miracle being that there is a post here about going cycling.

Knowing it’s Easter Sunday and eggs to be rolled and eaten is anyone of a mind to join me for a trundle up through Glenfarg to Kinross around Loch Leven to Milnathort and then back down the Glen?

Start time and location to be announced when i know who or if anyone joining me.

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5 Responses to The Easter Miracle

  1. Simon Evans says:

    Love to, but have gone and strained my acillies tendon, so have to take it easyish for the next 4/6 weeks. Somewhat frustrating to say the least !!

  2. David says:

    Ah Rats. That’s not good to hear. That will put paid to all your planned events too! Rest up Sir.

  3. David says:

    Change of plan. It was too nice a day to be stuck in the tree shade at Glenfarg so headed for Glenalmond. But first it was being a rebel going through a “road closed “ sign at Methven and having the Road to Chapelhill to myself just dodging 2 large resurfacing holes. Stunning weather and scenery going past Foulford golf course then around past Glen Turret Distillery. No coffee in Crieff but did find amazing smooth tarmac. Then it was Kinkell Bridge St David’s and home. Just shy of 3 hours.

    • Simon Evans says:

      Lucky you, especially with the fabulous weather.
      Leg much better than I thought it would be, so fingers crossed for turning a pedal or two before long.

      • David says:

        Good to hear that it’s improving. Don’t push it too soon I’m hopeful there will be more great weather along soon then all we need are coffee stops with outside seating.

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