Where in 2019?

To help the Big Red Bus plan where to send us lets make some route suggestions to him.

  • ABB – Anything But Ballo 🙂
  • Explore Fife – Anstruther Chippy 🙂
  • Loch Rannoch (easy 26 miles with a BBQ in the car park after)
  • St Andrews  – Ice Cream mandatory
  • Inverness to Perth
  • NE Scotland Around the Coast!
  • 100 milers for sure
  • Trinafour, another excuse for a Pitlochry based run and coffee and cake at Escape Route.
  • Loch Earnhead from Perth
  • Callander Killin callander on Cycle route. 50 miles
  • Glen Isla – Pitlochry
  • Edinburgh – Perth, says this every year but never manage to do it.
  • Dunning Glen
  • Amulree
  • Brechin
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4 Responses to Where in 2019?

  1. spokeclinic says:

    Edinburgh to Perth by some
    other route than the two I have done before😀
    Aberdeen to spittle of Glen Shee

  2. David says:

    Which Edinburgh routes have you done? Oh and I’ve already checked The mileage from Westhill to Perth over Glenshee and that’s 103 miles.

    • spokeclinic says:

      once over the bridge you either go left and over the Cliesh Hills or right and go through some dodgy areas of Fife. but hugging the motorway as closely as possible. so to go again you have to go more left or more right 🙂 oh and not take the wrong turns i did 😀

      • David says:

        Wrong Turns!! Perish the thought 🙂 Maybe you should just lead the way on one of your existing routes now that you know the correct turns.

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