Sunday knapp

Burrelton start, weather permitting obviously. A morning of despicable behaviour on a bike, with some hills and a wee bit of off highlighter (always a worry) 08:30 I think is a fair time, and hopefully the pot and Pantry will be open when we get there. Got to spread scone pound around 🙂


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4 Responses to Sunday knapp

  1. Simon Evans says:

    Sadly can’t make it, cooking post shoot breakfast. Have a good one !

  2. David says:

    Oh go on. Why not!

  3. spokeclinic says:

    I will start at the end. The head wind on the way home was truly unpleasant if not unexpected. The Pot and Pantry, got our scone pound this week! We will be back.
    Now back to the beginning. The wee kick in to Campmuir, just comes along at the wrong time. Too early for my knees to be warmed up and too soon after breakfast. Kinnochtry next and then on to the quarry. It feels faster going up here than last week, but i am chasing Dave. The long glen was sublime with a healthy tail wind. Near the top of the glen we stop as Dave is having a spurious mechanical – the bike felt like it has a softening or flat tyre. It didn’t. Out the glen and up to Jocks Brae. The descent of Jocks Brae is again fab (didn’t even crack my top three descent times)
    Onwards to Knapp. Dave over shoots the junction. Knapp comes and goes without drama. We head for Dron, The Dron road is interesting only because it is all up. And i watch Dave climb it with ease. I am pacing some walkers – oh the shame, pacing walkers! In to Fowlis now i take the 30’s and yet more climbing over to the Dundee/Coupar Road. The next bit is defo off highlighter taking us over to the Lundie road. This is familiar territory, although the views of the loch are much better and clearer than i and Dave have noticed before. Different, to the point that my navigation was being questioned like this “are you sure we have been up this road before, it does not look familiar” .
    The descent into Newtyle, i just love the sweeping bends, and make full use of the racing line, watching for leaves on the line or any other potentially slippy detritus. I spot Dave’s shadow as we approach the last couple of bends and turn up the gas. (it was already pretty much at full peep) I take the 30’s just then a Honda Civic (with smashing orangey bits) growls past… apparently i had been holding it up on the descent with my racing lines. Leaving Newtyle, Dave drops me, i am chasing, but not really very hard. he scores the Meigle 30’s… ah playing the long game!
    Tea and scones had we head back via Kettins.
    Job done.
    Next week: more hills.

    • David says:

      I was Knapping at one junction and overshot. As for the missing 14km I might need to do a Simon and make a specific trip to redo them. I’m sure there must be segments in there that need my times setting 🙂 Cracking morning out.

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