TT in name only

Sunday the 7th, weather permitting. I am planning to do the timetrial starting at 9am from my house. Strictly no racing… Lol


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7 Responses to TT in name only

  1. David says:

    Strictly No Racing – Will you be getting a spray tan and sticking glittery sequins to your lycra for Sunday morning?

  2. Simon Evans says:

    Timetrial ?

    • David says:

      That got your attention 😉 if you look at the front page of the blog there will be a marker for a blog page called “Summer 16 Challenge” can’t remember if it’s across the top or down right side of page but in there will be some info 🙂

    • spokeclinic says:

      Yeah… In days of old, when we were totally stupid, we did a couple of these, setting off at ludicrously short time intervals, racing to the coffee shop via Glamis and the 8 Mile road:-)

  3. Simon Evans says:

    I’ll be ready and waiting, as long as there’s no racing !

  4. David says:

    It was fun in the rain. Just a shame about Andrews puncture meaning he cycled solo to Meigle taking the shortcut. Looking at the Strava Flyby if only we had realised how close he was.

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