Sunday 15th July

Its been a while since I posted anything on here, but in the vain hope that this glorious cycling weather continues. Here is the run planned for Sunday.

Burrelton start at 8:30 from the Mitsubishi Garage, out Whitelea road, take a breather down Bursie, over Isla Bridge, over Kinclaven Bridge, out to Murthly, then on to Murthly Sawmill, down to Birnam, Little Dunkeld and Dunkeld. Next its up past the Golf course and in the top road to Blairgowrie. This is where there might be a coffee stop. Taking the road out past Tesco, blah blah blah  then on to the Coupar Angus road, up the wee rise into CA round to the  Dundee road, and out to Campmuir before trundling along to the Mitsubishi Garage… route is just shy of 40 miles.


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4 Responses to Sunday 15th July

  1. Simon says:

    See you there

  2. spokeclinic says:

    It was Dave’s first time since 2016, it was first for us all since i don’t know when. But, we were together reunited as the spokeclinic. 08:30 ticked round and we set off. No we were not, in my phaffing about getting other bikes on to the other car, I was wearing the wrong shoes.
    Wearing he right shoes, we set off up Whitelea Road and started catching up on the news from the Glen, the deep saff and somewhat more local.
    The first cruise down Bursie was sublime, it always is until you remember the main road at the bottom of the hill.. how late can i leave it before crushing the disk pads on to the wee thin disks.
    Bridge of Isla and Kinclaven next, Simon is pressing on up any and all wee rises, Dave in pursuit. Me, I am in full trundle mode and saving myself for a bigger challenge. I don’t remember where the subject came from but “feet” yes “feet”, i said how much i hated having any body touching my feet,
    Simon was not so definate, and said something about other people fettishes. Dave, said somethong about sucking sweaty toes. The love hate of Dave’s statement was lost
    in the rushing wind. ‘nough said.
    We are approaching Murthly, and the children were now racing for the 30’s, I sat back and watched, saving my legs.
    Crossing the A9 at Birnam, I spied the 30’s countdown 30III, and gave a couple of good hard presses on the pedals, to lift my speed. Now this is a red flag to a bull, and Simon took my wheel, ready to react to any move I made. I made no move, 30II came and went, 30I… my goading work is done, because like a Steam train, Dave came thundering down the outside, Took Simon by surprise and claimed the 30. Now Simon, was crying foul here as he had been wrong-footed by my goading… But that is just the way we roll.

    Through Dunkeld now and the Golf course road is looming, Simon is celebrating. A bloody 30 at the end of Dunkeld… who flamin knew!

    The climb starts, i said i was saving my legs, and this is why! Simon squirts off up the hill like a rat up a drain pipe, I select a very low gear and started my slow and sweaty climb and got into a bit of a rhythm. Cresting the top to see Mr Whippet, coming back up the other side. I use the down hill to try to cool off and wait at the bottom for the group. Dave arrives, we wait… Simon arrives
    While claiming to have read the blog, with its very detailed (ahem) route, he had strayed!. The rolling back to Blair now is just full of nonsense chat, I had dropped so far off the
    back to hear any of it, and never saw who took the 30’s… I can probably guess.
    Coffee at the Cateran Cafe, sitting outside, watching the world go by was very pleasant. The Scones were a bit take a fruit one or leave it. But you could have artery clogging cream with that. The tea was great, and the scones fine.

    We set off on the final leg and trundle down past the WellMeadow Dave was saying “right and then left past Tesco” I said nothing, for I had spied a 30 on a wee road that is “no entry from the other side”. We waited for the traffic
    to clear and crossed the road, I got my only 30 of the day by deception… there is no other way! The grumbling from the other two amounted to “well that is filed away for future reference. We took the back road to Coupar Angus, and Simon again vanished up to the 30’s… he can have them, ‘cos I am almost spent and am not racing up the hill!

    Going past the Enverdale, I tell Mr Strava of a little known segment and how to get it (call me Mr Goady McGoadface) I set him off. We regroup on the approaches to Campmuir. Simon says that being told where a segment starts and finishes is like getting a free drink, and it would be rude to refuse.

    The last 30’s of the day, Simon was too far ahead, but that didn’t stop the nonsense, I draft Dave and we accelerate a bit, I swing out to the wrong side of the road and am now picking up more speed. Drat Simon looks round, spies Dave and unfortunately me … and bursts for the 30.

    Home now, before the thunder and rain… This was such a good ride, I have missed this wee group.

    Unless anybody else posts a route here for next week (um away fishing… I know, me ! wtf!!) There will be no scheduled run.

    • David says:

      Today was great for body and soul. As for the goading it just makes a Sunday cycle. But Simon still 1 second off BP and 2 off AM 🙂 I have in mind a route for next week and a segment for goading!
      Ps with regard to toes. No comment, don’t won’t to put foot in mouth!

  3. Simon says:

    Brilliant to get out with you again, great fun, despite the despicable deception and obvious collusion with a couple of the 30’s !!
    1 and 2 seconds is like a red rag to a bull, Mr Goady McGoad face.
    Next week will be good, better than fishing any time ! Now, must wash my feet ……….

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