Sunday 3rd June

Setting off from the green at 9am – yes being good to you all again with these late starts!

We will go to the grave yard, the beech hedge, and on to Blair’ then out the slightly dodgy road to Alyth and the five ways circle (as they say in Dundee). From the 5 ways we take the second exit and make like we are going to Glen Isla, but we won’t. We will take a right, right on the corner before the start of the big climb. And pootle along there past the iron age fort. When we get to the t-junction the intention is to go right and drop down on to the Kirrie’ road. So with a bit of vigour in our step, we follow the road towards Westmuir, but turn off well before that to drop down on to the 8 Mile road, where we will head for Meigle and a coffee (other beverages are available) and possibly a scone (other cakey type things are also available).

Heading back after the refreshment stop, we go up the roughest bit of road to Ardler, Kettins and Campmuir.

Finishing at the green.

ironage fort run

There will be no scheduled run the following week.


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3 Responses to Sunday 3rd June

  1. David says:

    Could you arrange for a similar tail wind for the 8 mile road to what we had this week please 🙂

  2. Simon Evans says:

    Sadly can’t make this week, dreaded change overs ! Looks like July 08 before I’m free….

  3. David says:

    Lessons from this run – a) Somebody should remember the route. b) the other person should have looked at the map too.
    I think we will class todays run as freestyle with the suggested route being merely that, just a suggestion of our general direction. Therefore when you turn left instead of right from the start you know it’s going to be interesting, But there again it did mean we went down bursie. No racing for the 30 at Blair it’s just too busy a road for that. We did remember to go right for Airlie and not up Glen Isla through my “favourite” cutting, save that for another day. We did see the pile of rubble masquerading as an former Iron Age fort. It was once we came down from here that the route again went freestyle, we went straight on across the Kirrie road instead of going right and it wasnt until we go to the 8 mile road that the route setter realised where we were!! Oh well now we went left! Getting back on track about Easie it was up the hill or main road to coffee. The hil won. At least it gave Andrew the chance to sneak the 30 at Balkerie by pretending he was pulling in front of me because a car was coming!

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