Sunday 3rd September

Starting at Bells (Perth) at 8:30. the plan is to go round the North Inch and up to Luncarty on the fishers tracks and then do a wee bit of route finding back to almond bank and then Broxden (coffee at McDonalds? – no Big Macs) Refreshed heading back to the North Inch via some wiggley off highlighter route… its about 20 miles of mixed terrain, so hardtails are the order of the day.

Next weeks run will be in Aviemore… and the week after it should be a Diverge-ant run!


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9 Responses to Sunday 3rd September

  1. David says:

    Eeeek what have I let myself in for. I’ve forgotten what to do what do I need (bike maybe)

  2. Ashley says:

    Sorry we missed it!! Didn’t check blog so didn’t know you had one planned for this morning!! Looked interestingly lost.

  3. spokeclinic says:

    I dropped Tom at Bells, he was off playing rugby at Gordonstoun, before heading round to the Inch to meet Dave. Imagine my surprise to find him waiting. The first question was “how do you do this?”. Not expecting anybody else we set off a few minutes ahead of schedule. I forgot to start my garmin. Any way, under the bypass for the second time and headed to the Tay. We followed the one closest to the river before doing an about turn and going back to the junction (wrong route 1). We are trundling along the path, when a giant poodle blocks our way… its s sort of stand off until the owner shifts the mut. It at this point Dave calls “incoming” and we make to pull into the side to let another cyclist past.. Its John, who’s opening gambit was “you left early”. we follow the tracks to Luncarty, along a bit with crudely cut Blackthorn, which did its best to chew lumps out of us. It brought us to a bridge which once i was on I realised that it was a couple of mm narrower than my bars. I invented the “stand over the bike, while lifting the bars above the rails walk”.
    Arriving in Luncarty we headed for the main road, because I knew where we were going. Or did I.
    we took the road under the railway and pressed on climbing to the A9. This is not right (wrong route 2), so we about turned and headed back – ah the B&B track is where we were supposed to be!
    We again come to the A9, but this time we can cross it on to the “tullybelton road track” its a short climb and we press on.. Arriving at a farm we had 3 options (4 if you count going back to the wee arrowed track we passed) we went right and followed a well worn track to a field of stubble, Nothing ventured we all agreed to head for the woods at the other side of the field as there might be a route through – there wasn’t(wrong route 3). So, back to the farm. I looped round the farm, to discover that option 2 (straight on) was a bust. so we took option 3 left. As it turns out it didn’t go anywhere either (wrong route 4). Back to the farm again and then back to the wee arrowed track, we were going to leave for another day. Just starting this well worn farm track, Daves nose decides it does not like the air quality and starts to sneeze, and sneeze and sneeze and sneeze and then sneeze some more. this track brings us to yet another farm which is guarded by an old collie dog, who’s bark sounded like he had been on the whisky and the fags all his life. Leaving the farm we come to a T junction. Left or right. Right takes us to the A9, so we go left and and up on the road where we meet the road we were supposed to be on, somewhere around Redgorton.
    We go to inveralmond and sit outside Costa, guzzling tea and coffee and eating our well earned snacks,
    John goes home form here and Dave and I head for the Crieff road. Dave peels of and heads up Newhouse Road, I brave the looney traffic and head for the town centre, crossing the Dunkeld Road and then going round the Inch.
    Not sure I remember laughing quite so much on a cycle run in a very very long time.

    As it turns out we missed a crucial turn about 400m after crossing the A9. Oh well another day perhaps ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. David says:

    Excellent morning. Oh how I have missed the banter and the sight of the back of the other cyclists heading up the road/ field while I pedal slowly some distance behind. ๐Ÿ™‚ We all really should learn how to use our respective technologies to be able to know where we are and how to route find. Or maybe just get glasses. Yes i did sneeze and sneeze but there again that not unknown, it wakes me up. Thankfully the farmer didnt come out to check what the heck we were doing exploring his land so thoroughly or is that randomly.
    Costa Coffee and cake hit the spot as without it goodness knows how much slower the pedal home up West Mains would have been. There again todays run amounted to about a quarter of my total miles this year!!!

  5. Simon Evans says:

    Sounds like a blast, sorry to have missed it ! Hopefully may get my bike back before Christmas so can enjoy the banter and cakes again !!

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