Etape Caledonia… It Is On


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  1. Simon Evans says:

    Hopefully not a walk of shame like last year ( It was due to a slipping chain and not my wrong gearing honestly !). I’ll keep an eye out for you through the pain and sweat……

  2. spokeclinic says:

    7:30 start, prompt, met Alan coming up the village as I left for the first rendezvous point at Kinclaven. Blowing out my ar… before I even got to the bridge was not a good sign. We waited at the bridge, and then texted the only other person I was expecting…”Playing?” “nope!” We pressed on for Murthly now, discussing previous cycle runs. The decision was made to go the A9 from the Birnam junction. This bit of the A9 is always much further than I remember. I am glued to Alan’s back wheel. The glue is rubbish, and I am dropping back. Alan waits at the Dalguise turn. As we go on up the Dalguise road, he tells me he has to be back to go to a company family doo. So, at PGL he leaves me to continue solo.
    On arriving at Logierait, the lumpy bit is not yet closed. The marshals are all chat (taking the mick a bit too). The up shot is I am here too early, but decide to wait until the first few whippets go through.
    The first 4 through go up the Logierait hill like its not even there,. There is a significant gap of about 5 mins until the first little peloton comes along, the hill is not so easy for them. Cold now I head for home.
    I had said to Alan I would probably go home via Blairgowrie. However being on my own I thought of tea and scones in Dunkeld and then Brae Road. “what if I skip the tea and do Brae road”… “what harm would it do”… I pass the Blair’ turn and roll down into Dunkeld. Tea is not happening, Brae Road is. I turn into Brae Road, the first 10m are not so bad the following bit is just unpleasant, my front wheel is lifting, I am wobbling up the hill and there are cars trying to come down it – how dare they!. Cresting the hill I wonder where this comes out. Obviously I knew which road, I was just unsure as to how far along. Heading for Caputh now, I am thinking tea at Uisge, as I am too tired to be a flight risk.
    Murthly comes and Murthly goes with no tea stop, as I realise I could break the 100 miles for the week. I spend the rest of the run in to Woodside plotting how and where I am going to get the extra miles. Stopping only for a drink, cereal bar and a photograph at the bluebell woods. Back on the bike and back to the route, Kinochtry would give me most, Damside would probably do it. I get stopped at Kinclaven lights, I wait, a car crosses, the light change, I go… and just over the hump in the middle of the bridge The lights have changed and I am met with three cars coming the other way – you can tell they are thinking “bl00dy cyclist jumped the lights”. I will go to the council again. 4 miles to Woodside, and the final miles are plotted in my head. I get to Kinnochtry, just nowhere like enough, Damside comes up, still short. Does going down the main road have enough distance, there is only one way to find out.

    Home now with 53 miles on the clock, tired, happy and a wee bit pleased with myself.

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