Wee are going on a Bear hunt.


So Weather permitting, here is the plan for Sunday… starting 08:30 at Mitsubishi Motors in Burrelton, we head out the main road   and head up to Alyth. crossing the 5 ways we head for Shanzie and then on to Kingoldrum before heading back towards Lintrathen Loch.  Going anti-clock round the loch we will head back towards Alyth, Taking the Banff road and defo this time going down the glen to Alyth, dropping down to Meigle and along the road to Newtyle to begin our journey home… in all about 45 miles.



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3 Responses to Wee are going on a Bear hunt.

  1. Simon Evans says:

    Difficult choice, either to come up to Aviemore to see the gorgeous Annie, or a few hours of watching your dangling balls ……..Sorry, but Annie won !!
    Next week Caledonia, and then a work reunion, so hopefully the 11th.

  2. andrew whamond says:

    Solo it was, so, it was case of no road, no Wee Bear Cafe – I wheezed up Whitelea road into the wind and got acknowledged by a roadie fleeing in the other direction…First never travelled road was the left just after the narrow bridge. This took me on to the St Martins Road … I cross the A93 and headed … into the woods… to see if the bears sh!t there. I charged down the road and came to a locked gate. A locked gate with CCTV. Now i have to question the right to roam. Do we have the right to follow a rough little farm track to and through a farm? The wee farmer appears to have issues, so I waved at the cameras (all three of them) smiled and left to back to the left turn I avoided on the way down.
    This little track took me to another farm. gates all open I just cruised through and followed my nose to the Stormontfield road. The end of this track was an 8ft steel gate with a padlock..S H I T! I was not going back, so contemplated my options… climb or go back… Climb, yes now in the investigation to climb I spotted a hole in the fence… which I squeezed through.
    I went to Stormontfield, It seemed only polite as I had just ridden the villages namesake road 🙂
    Next, after It scoping the village, I headed back up to another track, I was pretty sure I knew where it would emerge. Oh no not another farm to cross, through. This time I was met by a barking vicious dog, hell bent on chewing my legs off… I pedalled on, the snarling beasts head following the rotation, but always threatening and then backing off to have a go at the other side. The 8 inch high terrier, stopped its relentless onslaught at the farm boundary 🙂
    The track came out on the A93… I went right and stopped at the Strawberry shop to calm my jangling nerves.. lol.
    Having been calmed by my cup of tea, I head for the Muirwood and then Scone International Airport. I skirted the apron and rode round the end of the main runway… I liked the sign that warned me to look left, look right and Look UP!… good job to I had to wait for a cesna to land.
    Heading home now was just the usual St Martins/Dunsinnan/Wolfhill and a blast back down Whitelea road.

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