Glen Shee … Little

Ok the weather is looking fine for Sunday, so I planned a we run out to Little Glen Shee (the last time I was there it snowed).

So, 8:30 departure from Mitsubishi Motors in Burrelton, up Whitelea Road, down Bursie, over the Bridge of Isla(m) and out to Murthly. From here we go to Waterloo… and then Bankfoot. Taking a right at Bankfoot, we go to the Shee. From the Shee we go to Luncarty and on back to Murthly for coffee (Uisge – I am not a flight risk) before heading back to the start… in total about 45 miles of cycling joy…lol

To the Shee  <– The route



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5 Responses to Glen Shee … Little

  1. Alan Mauchline says:

    With not to much drink on Saturday night, believe it or not I will be there 😀

  2. David says:

    Not me (yet again) Taking Mrs B away to give her a break from living in a building site.

  3. Simon Evans says:

    Hope to make it, recovery ride after Tayside !

  4. spokeclinic says:

    Good run today, pace was a little higher than I was expecting. Good to see JA back in the fold again. The 30’s, because there are always 30’s, were largely uncontested.( well that I saw anyway). The ford was for once cycleable, with a mere trickle of water to dodge as it meandered across it. The road was quite busy with cyclists all going in the opposite direction to us – what did they all know that we didn’t.
    Uisge was a welcome rest stop on the return, but as usual stayed too long and legs were a bit… gubbed for the restart. As we left there were a couple wearing fluorescent jackets at the entrance, they were waiting for some classic cars, coming from the direction we were heading.. never saw one, unless you count the circa 1990 diesel vauxhall astra, but I will count that Porsche 924 at Kinclaven.

    Back to the start now and already thinking about next weeks 45 mile run… I have an incling to do a Wee Bear hunt.

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