who would have thought..

For the first time in a very very long time, we have a whole month without any sort of update. Part of the reason is the weather, the next part is the removal of access to this site from my lunchtime browsing and the last is apathy.

From my last excursion in the freezing January air, February was either too wet or too cold. So, weather permitting I will be out at 8:30 to go to Dunkeld, going off road at Murthly, crossing the A9 and then dropping back down to the Sawmill road, before heading into Dunkeld for a coffee and a warm up. the return journey is as yet undecided… who knows, maybe a good Samaritan will pick me up in Dunkeld and run me home like the last time 🙂


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3 Responses to who would have thought..

  1. Simon Evans says:

    Yes, February was a bit of a wash out all round. Off down south on Sunday to the ancient mother, but, if the snow stays away, maybe next week…….

  2. spokeclinic says:

    Well that was the last outing for the x-cal 7… it is being retired this week.
    The route was pretty much as planned other than i ended up in Waterloo and didn’t get anywhere near Dunkeld. I did cross the A9 twice though.
    On the track up from Kingswood to the Murthly-Waterloo track I met two cyclist on what must have been cyclocross bikes going the other way… the first ignored me (MTB snob) and the second gave a chearie hello/nice day sort of exchange. Anyway, no tea stops today, I doubt anywhere would let me in… my own family didn’t want me in due to me looking like the glaur-speckled-creature from the woods.
    The going was slow for the whole day, the tyres were not gripping the slippy stuff and the knobblys on the road are just hard work. The hangover from the previous night out on the 80bob was probably a contributing factor.

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