They knew it was nearly Christmas but not the way to Gleneagles

3 hardy souls avoided Christmas Preparations and went cycling. Maybe I should have been more specific and told Simon how far the start point was from the south inch, but I’m sure he enjoyed the 3 mile warm up.

We were too early for Gloagburn to be open so we headed off into the headwind. It wasn’t a meteorological gale but for the unfit it seemed like it was.

The route setter should have paid more attention to his route as just when another call of “keep left” was needed he forgot the route and we all went right and although the road was to Tullibardine it wasn’t the planned one! Oh well we’ve had plenty of MMT’s and WMT’s over the years so now we add BMT to that list. The give away to being off course was being asked where T in the park was help. I said on the right but we spotted signs for it to the left, that was the give away that we had gone around the wrong side of Strathallan Estate. Bonus was more off highlighter roads and flash houses to see. Into Auchterarder and a spot of improvisation saw us back on the expected route. So far Simon had managed to collect all 30’s uncontested so I devised a plan to try and distract him by saying to look out for the Dunning witches monument. I was hoping it was at the Dunning 30’s and John  or I could sneak it but monumnet was further out that I remembered so another 30 to Simon. He ended the day with a 100% record.

Looking at the map after I saw where we went wrong and where we could have taken a turn to get us back on track for Gleaneagles. Maybe next time when we have remembered our credit cards too for a coffee stop there 🙂 Maybe Santa will bring me a garmin and maps so I can program the route and follow the navigation. Oh wait I already have one. Better just learn how to use it! Planned and Actual below.


Although mild it wasn’t tropical weather and we did spy one cyclist In shorts and another without any form to glove. The coffee and chat at Brig Farm was excellent despite the wrong coffee order and Johns Scrambled egg and toast being way larger than expected for the price.

Maybe it wasn’t a wise move to go cycling while my leg was strapped up but it was a rare December day and great to be out. Bonus,when I got home Lesley had washed my car!

Happy Christmas Everyone.

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