Its the first Advent run

And behind the wee door this morning was… chocolate. Do you get non chocolate/gift filled wee doors on an advent calendar? Gone are the days when we were happy with a picture of a snowman.

Anyway its officially winter, and so cold out on the roads that i am going to be off road again for a trundle round the paths I have not travelled before. (there is usually a reason for this as we have all found out when following my nose)

Starting at Mitsubishishi Motors (used to be Thomson and Potter) at 9am. The route will be on road until we go off road, and then off road until we go on road again… it’s a pattern that will be used as I follow my nose.  The off road bits are not technical. The speed rating of this run will be a trundle… something to do with fuelling up the night before on beer and curry.


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3 Responses to Its the first Advent run

  1. David says:

    Assuming I’m not to “tired” from the previous nights festivities then yes i shall be there for a trundle. May even wear a Christmas Jersey.

  2. Simon Evans says:

    I had my Christmas jersey all ready to help me amaze you all with my useless off road skills, but sadly work now calls, so will have to give it a miss tomorrow. Hopefully next week ?!

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