Gotta love them hills

Chilly,Chilly, Chilly, its cold up the glen, actually it was cold every where. Not surprising that everybody (almost) had wrapped up well for the coming run. Only one brave soul had the knees out. Two numpties had fingerless gloves!

Anyway fashion critique over, we set off up the Forter loop, with our intrepid ride leader for the day, waving, and shouting at all the locals, even using a bit of Italian!

The first big climb of the day, allows us to escape from Glen Isla into Glen Shee. The climb, got the heat up and all was well with my fingers, until the descent… yep you guessed it, back to Mr Birdseye. Oh wait, fashion malfunctioning, our ride leader had to adjust his leggings… you don’t want to be showing that much leg!

Heading now to Kirkmichael,  our sneaky ride leader came from behind to be thwarted at the 30’s – it was a photo finish -although my breathing and heart rate were far in excess of my 30’s duelling  opposition. The road from here is relatively flat, out past Tulloch then is starts to climb, and climb, and climb some more. We reach the top, and stop for a photo opportunity. The descent was great, to start with, then like the gorillas we entered the nether world of the mist bound hill side. The road is fast (down) and we use all of its width to negotiate the corners… so with three of us in a wee train we took to the centre and weaved our way down, only to met by a volvo growling up the hill. The mist cleared at Kinnaird and the descent got faster, our ride leader had ambitions to claim the Pitlochry 30’s. using the same method, i closed in from behind and went for it, i heard the faint anguished cry of a man beaten at his own game – one nil to me.

All the way to Escape Routes we heard nothing but praise and adulation for Holly. “hope its Holly an’ not Kevin” … we rolled into the cafe, to be met by Kevin… “Holly not in today?”… Who?… “Oh you mean Hannah”… lol. The scones were fine, the muffin was mfmrthmth – its about as much sense as we could get out of its devour er. The  hot bun, was a little trickier to prep than the tea and coffee… did they forget it or just burn the first attempt… we will be back for more ( and to see Holly :-))

The return was up the Edradour road, is a bit more severe than the Moulin road, but hey the hill was just in the way… We climb up the hill and at the top have another photo opp!  We are now on the “descent to Kirkmichael” when a Volvo coming the other way has its passenger waving at us… we wave back… its not until much later, I realise she was trying to tell us to get over the road… we were on our side… maybe this was the Volvo we terrified in the mist :-).

Kirkmichael now, and the ride leader takes the 30’s. only one obstacle left in our way back to the car. One all! We climb the long and winding road to Drumore? Loch? and then enjoy the free wheel down the hill back into Glen Isla, with the incredibly stupid  pheasants flapping across the road… ride leader disturbed them,David and I were left dodging them.

Its been a great run today, more of the same next week? We shall see!

DB edit. Wasn’t great that I was deliberately slower up these hills to give you time for the photo taking 🙂 I let the three up train pile down the hill to Pitlochry as eyes were streaming and so blinded I hit a pothole so decided discretion was the order of the day and exited kamakazie descent mode and took it canny. The Edradour climb was a slog! A short walk as needed through the z bend before catching up with to photo taking tourists. The last climb back to Glen Isla was a climb too far as was a bit puggled but the view of the loch was stunning.


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3 Responses to Gotta love them hills

  1. David says:

    Cracking day to be out. Usual story Usual Problem HILLS!!

  2. Simon Evans says:

    Yes, was a good run, helped by the weather and the great company ! A repeat before long to enjoy coffee with Hannah !!

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