It’s been a while for The Perth Boys

Bit of a grey morning but not too chilly well all except for the cold rush of air going downhill straight from the house before getting warmed up!

JA was waiting at the first meeting spot and off we headed wondering if anyone else would join us further on. The run out to the Bridge of Isla is not to far but memory fades and you forget that once you get to Guildtown that it’s not just round the next corner. Anyway 5 min of waiting and gossiping but nobody else showed so off on planned route. We heard later that AW tried cycling fuelled by Italian beer!

Just as well we knew were we wanted to go as my description of the route had us heading into some bodies back garden ( a previous MMT). 

The closer to Bankfoot we got the more patches of Blue sky we saw. It’s always a pleasant run up from the Tulliebelton side but today there was no helping hand of a tail wind. By the turn and a photo stop it was a pleasant day. Then there was the nippy climb up out of the ford! 

The blast down the other side was going well until a flock of sheep blocked the road and anchors had to be sharply applied. Thank goodness for new brake blocks. 

Luncarty lost on the coin toss and we headed for Pitcairngreen and home. 

The roads seemed very quiet today but cracking morning for being out. 

Ps I hate west mains!

PPS Good luck to JA and AM doing the Big Belter this weekend

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