Insider Dealing and Bonuses

Its a bright morning, little or no wind, and just Simon and I out (we wait until 8:30 at the garage, just in case anybody else turns up) for this my first road run in a very long time. The Coupar A 30’s are not contested or noticed.  We head up the main road to Blairgowrie, I try stonking to maintain a bit of speed, but I have to sit back down due to a bothersome pain in the elbow… hey ho. We approach Blair’ and I give it some beans, to take the 30. I get accused of insider dealing, as this used to be a 40. Don’t care!

Out the Dunkeld road now, and the we are ticking along, hills are my downfall. Just not doing them well (can’t remember if i ever did them well) I guess the next 30’s are at Dunkeld, but that is a long way off. We cruise along, hampered? by the odd head wind – its just me I think., Simon heads in to the last climb before Dunkeld, I wish him well and go at my own pace. Not far from the top my helmet is buzzing, I shake my head, the buzzing stops, then starts again. I have to stop at the top to pull my helmet off. The buzzy creature escapes. Simons gets the Dunkeld 30’s… they are before the turn for Loch Ordie – Simon claims them. we go through Dunkeld and head out along the river side. What is he spinting for? … ah bollocks, there is a 30 just before the national sign… bonus says Simon!

Heading now for Murthly,  Simon get the Caputh ones (despite my best efforts to wrong foot)  I take the Murthly 30’s, again because they have moved 🙂 Bonus!

Coffee and Scone was very very welcome… my legs are shot!

Setting off, for the last stretch, we are cruising along at over 20mph and talking. We get to Kinclaven Bridge and stop at the lights, they change, we go, and when we are about half way across, traffic comes the other way… another letter to the council is required i think.

Over the Bridge of Isla(m)  now and the decision to do Bursie is made ( I must be mad). Not as mad as the 350Z and some other fast Japanese car that overtake us a car and a bus just after the Beech Hedge Caravan Park. I have gone all granny in my gears, and start to climb Bursie… Simon disappears over the false summit. I stare at the road. listening to my heart pounding in my ears.

Almost home now and the last 30 is in sight,  I wait, I listen, I distract, I go… the final 30’s are mine! The end of Whitelea road I stop on my front wheel, as I spot a car coming into the village. At the very last minute the car signals, we finish.

My average speed was over 15, I wasn’t expecting that!



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2 Responses to Insider Dealing and Bonuses

  1. Simon Evans says:

    Definitely what Sundays are for, who needs cruising the Med !!! A very enjoyable sunny few hours, even if I was tricked by some dastardly distractions and insider dealings, though the Dunkeld 30 was indeed an unexpected bonus. A return to Bursie is on the cards, now I know where the strava section starts, as it is not actually at the bottom of the hill, but on the main road !
    For a “rusty” man with a dodgy elbow, 15 mph was a bloody good effort, me thinks.
    Sadly, looks like it may be October before another free Sunday appears.

  2. David says:

    Cruising the Med Pah! It’s called slowing down even more so that the cycling return will be even more painful.

    Sounds like you two had a blast. Glad to see the sneaky 30’s still happening

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