2nd Sunday in July

8:30 am from the x T and P

The route will take in the heady heights of the Kaisers road, a frightening run through Scarytown, a quick tug of the forelock as we go past Glamis Castle, then up the 8 mile road to Meigle… after a refreshment in Meigle, we will go on up to the picturesque Lundie and then down the twisting Tullybaccart and back to the start.


This route allows for the weak and infirm to duck out at lots of points and make a bolt for home. AND… and that a big and, put down a marker for progress/fitness/ as there are strava segments that cover all of the route to Meigle.

Go to the front page of this blog and see the “Summer 16 Challenge” page. A bit of summer fun!

As ever Weather Allowing

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7 Responses to 2nd Sunday in July

  1. Simon Evans says:

    If all goes according to plan, I’ll be there.

  2. David says:

    likewise. but can i also be bothered getting up at silly o’clock to give me time to cycle out for 8,

  3. spokeclinic says:

    Right then i tell you what.. lets start at 8:30… this serves an number of purposes… David, you get a long lie and there is more chance of Meigle being open 🙂

  4. spokeclinic says:

    Today was a trial, a trial of road bike, a trial of time and a trial of 30s. I scored the first 30, because nobody else knew it was there… duck off 🙂 We cruised on towards the Newtyle road and discussed whether Strava had ruined cycling… we decided ultimately that if you are a strava whore, then probably.. but we use it as a bit of competitive fun. Which brings me to the little know bridge to 30’s segment… primed/goaded as a bunch of loonies knowing roughly where it started and approximately where it finishes. We all wound up and went for it… we never made the top 10’s (they must have been wind assisted) but we did do what we want and have a bit of a laugh. Crossing over the Dundee road we pushed on through Scarytown and headed for vintage car land at Glamis. The 8 mile road was ok… i drafted for about 5 miles, then felt guilty, so took to the front and did my bit. Tea/bun was welcome at Meigle.
    The plan had been to go to Lundie, but Mr CBA took up residence, and the rain started (although very very very lightly) so we headed back at Newtyle.
    The second last 30’s came into distant view. I came from the back and burst past the wee gently accelerating group… then though “ah bugger it” sat up, only to be whooshed past by three thundering bikes… its my new sport… 30 goading! Don’t actually care who got it, I just knew I had a hand it forcing the work rate up.
    At the Buttergask cross roads we split into two groups i went with the T&P group, the rest went to Perth. Simon and I split the Woodside 30’s.
    Home now.. tired but happy – next week is not going to happen – Coupar Angus cycling hub is having a race round Ballo, and are looking for marshals.

  5. David says:

    It seemed such a good idea at the time to cycle out do the planned route and Cycle home. That was before the rain came. But before that it was childish goading and sprinting for 30’s followed by equally childish one liner jokes that had calling for us to stop. After we bade out farewells the Perth boys head for Collace with it getting wetter and wetter and only one of has had a jacket the other get even more drookit. Coming back into town the glasses had to come off as I was seeing nothing through the rain splattered lens. It’s always wonderful to have a climb to get home but home I got soaked by put happy. If I’d known I was 3 km short of hitting 100km I may have been tempted to drag my soggy body around the block to hit the distance.

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