Into the darkness

Right then, strap on a pair… Of lights. We are going into the tunnels!

The plan is to meet at T&P on the Edinburgh Road at 8:30 on Sunday and go for an mtb run out the Dron Road and up the wee 12%er into the first disused railway tunnel. How far we go out the other end of the second is entirely up to whoever turns up:-)…  But we will have a coffee stop to compare photos etc at the brig farm. This is an off road excursion.


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5 Responses to Into the darkness

  1. David says:

    lights, camera, action. Better make sure everything is fully charged.

  2. spokeclinic says:

    It was a chilly for June sort of day when we met at the start point, We waited to see if anybody else was going to be joining us on this short off road adventure… nobody did!
    Anyway, we set off on time, the child of the group making rude gestures into the rear facing camera. The climb in to Bridge of Earn was not so bad, The wicks’ road was a bet meh! David tried to break his drive train, not sure his heart was in this run. Over the fist gate of the day, and then a trundle along the metalled surface to the start of the first tunnel, light on, we ventured in. the Garmins and Stava recording stops… no satellites in the tunnels apparently. The “track” was smooth and quite fast. I stopped in the middle to take a picture. wooooo, its dark! Bursting back out into the light we continued along a deteriorating track – it was getting a bit muddy and some of the going a bit sticky (with sticks) and mud – still not a foot down… who would want to put a foot in that stuff?
    The second tunnel is relatively short and more curved than the first. At its apex you can see both ends. more pictures. The tunnel emerges on to a bridge over the old ‘farg road. Do we go back the way we came? I got ignored..We emerge on to the old farg road, travel under the bridge and more or less free wheel all the way to the Bein Inn.
    Going back toward Bridge of earn, we cut off the main road in favour of the Dron road. The scones were fruity and fresh at the Brig farm place… Fed and watered we go back towards Perth… no wait we are taking the Aberdalgie road (never done it in that direction before). At the top of Necessity Brae, Alan and I opt for yet more off road to take us back to the start. David goes home.
    Now, my car is at the park and ride at the top of Scone – not one of my best decisions – but hey ho let’s go. I am stopped at the lights on the South Inch behind a black range rover Diesel v8.. we are together all the way to the Queens bridge, where it fouls in traffic and I do a bit annoying (for cars) weaving. I am through Bridge end and just entering Scone, when the V8 lump grumbles past. followed by the most fowl smelling truck going to the chicken factory in CWTFSA…. you cannot hold your breath that long when you are blowing out your 4rse as hard as I was…
    Home now, 28.something miles loaded … where is the shower?

  3. David says:

    The Rainbow peloton had a spot of fun exploring tunnels. There will be a video posted later despite a chain issue it was lights camera action through the Glenfarg Tunnels. It helps if one also remembers to remove sunglasses when In the tunnel as it prevents thoughts of my lights being underpowered and one can see oh so much better! But it was all good fun even when the pedal “bit” my leg and drew blood. The bacon roll and coffee was excellent then The magic words of lets go left here were greeted with a total yes so Craigend to Aberdagie it was. It was here that Andrew discovered that this was is tougher then the more usual opposite. Off up to the top of Necissity Brae for a parting of ways. It not before Andrew baited Alan to try the narrow muddy track as opposed to the farm road which Andrew was taking. Back on the road next week

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