Sunday 26th … oh the choices

9am start from the ExT&P going up Ballo and across the hill to The Turbines and then a wee bit of hike-a-bike. I know of at least two fences that will have to vaulted 🙂 So, having done the vault with your bike on your back the tracks  may well be a bit well… nasca lines… anyway, the aim is to pop out on the the Newtyle road and go to Meigle.

10am the next group set off from home, go on road, and meet the 9am cyclists for refreshments at Meigle.


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  1. spokeclinic says:

    So. I went up Ballo. Meeting runners and a cyclist before scaring the living daylights out of some old dear.
    Crossing the Dundee Road and on to part two I came across dog walkers loads of them… A wee Jack Russell fancied it’s chances against my spikey pedal. The dim wee beggar couldn’t work out where the size ten was going to be. My next encounter was with a pack of Barking retrievers… It’s funny watching a dog Barking with a ball in its chops. Approaching the Turbines now, not convinced of my plan or route.
    So leaping gazelle like the ditch, and vaulting the first fence… I started my first hike-a-bike to the top of the hill. The views are fab from up here. I am sure I can see my house!
    The next section is an easy roll along the top to the tree and prap. The nasca effect is apparent now… Soon I am off the bike and hiking again, it’s just a bit boggy.
    Beware of the bull. This sign looks brand new and the cable ties holing it on are still shiny.. Ignoring this evidence in favour of “who would put a bull up here” I ventured on through the gate. Following yet more land-rover tracks, I got a bit stuck and indulged in a bit more hike-a-bike until rediscovering the trail. The track is an easy roll down hill and up dale. I am watching for the bull… This is a big field.
    I exit the park and go into some woods. This is largely down hill and soon I see a quarry.. Who knew that was there! Anyway the track ends at the Auchterhouse/Newtyle Road… I gingerly go over this taught berbed wire fence. And cycle down the road to Newtyle. At Newtyle I trundle along the disused railway line and head for Meigle.
    Les has got there first, and we are soon joined by a further 9. Albeit in dribs and drabs. We sit for too long in the sunshine before setting off in fits and starts homeward. Homeward is into the strengthening wind.
    Home now from my off highlighter adventure.

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