Sunday the 8th of May.

It was a big weekend for cycling…  With Etapers,  etape voyeurs and the scoop n shake run.

The weather was astounding, I am wearing too many layers. It us a big turnout with Sutherland, spaldings, Whittle and Whamonds. Setting out at to Coupar,  we regroup as I do my ride leader bit and tell the assembled peddlers where to next scheduled stop.
Over cootie bridge and we stop at the crossroads and head for backroads that lead to Blairgowrie.
I suddenly feel deflated, and call for assistance…  The call as pet usual goes unanswered. Eventually, the call is returned and I have walked a mile or so. Suzanne, carrying the repair kit as supplied by Les, arrives. The repair is made good. And the ever impressive co2 inflated gave a show that made Suzanne squeal with delight.
We regroup and set off for the ice-cream and milkshake establishment.
On arrival, we make Morgan work, her coworkers look on in amazement as we take the mick and order our refreshments. Our requests for free samples was refused.
We head back to Rosemount and a similar route to the outbound.
When we join the main road we are confronted with lots of cars loaded with bikes… Etapers I assume. 
One of these cars a rather nice BMW,  with bikes on cut Karen really close. I on the Otterham was being hounded by an hgv… Raving his engine and making his brakes hiss, did not make me move over.
At the sewage farm we got off the awful main road and did a bit of off highlighter to bring us on by the graveyard.
Tom stole the Woodside 30s… Home now tired but happy.


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3 Responses to Sunday the 8th of May.

  1. David says:

    Mmmm milk shakes. But I would also have expected a fully trained and qualified ride leader to be armed with puncture repair kit of their own! 🙂

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