Cold winds and Pre war Cars

It was a bit chilly as we had a catch up with AW and Simon getting his first look at the bent archer. Off round to the meet up and a hang about but as nobody showed the chilly 2 headed off. It was Baltic and Simon wasn’t getting heat I to hands or feet. Onwards to Murthly and Dunkeld with a quick blast on the A9 from the station to the Amulree turn.

Off up the long drag and spy a group or cyclist each with their B.O.B loaded trailers. A quick where you heading and Dornoch being the response. These tourers were soon replaced by the noise of large bore engines coming our way. Car after car of pre-war cars on the Flying Scotsman reliability run. A quick check once home revealed that over 100 of the cars had left  Lincolnshire on Friday and were due to finish at Gleneagles today. Some magnificent cars and oh the noise. 

The option for Aberfeldy had been abandoned due to the wind and cold so off down the sma glen to the symphony of big engines and along to GlenAlmond and Methven then into Perth for a warming cuppa. Fuelled and warm it was out to Guildtown and up the hill heading back to our start. Having been frozen earlier I was now over dressed and cooking my face a lovely puce according to Simon. We still managed to race for the village 30!

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  1. spokeclinic says:

    It Started with a Face plant.
    We gathered at the Carrie walks car park, getting ready for our 11 o’clock start. 11 came and went with not every body there, and spike doing ever more extreme circuits of the area. When he dropped his front wheel into a ditch and was unceremoniously unseated on to his face – “is the bike ok?”
    All set, we gathered at the starting gate, while Keith made a last minute adjustment to Sarah’s bike. ooft, he stripped the thread on the seat bolt. So, with much faffing and swearing the solution was to fill the down tube with stones (sort of a handicap system) and clamp the seat post with mole-grips.
    We set off clockwise, in to the wind. The 15 were soon spread out along the south side of the loch. We regrouped at a bridge just past Rannoch School. Head count! one two three… thirteen … who is missing? Sandra and Amy. Alan set off back down the road to find them… “maybe they took the short cut” shouted some wag! “oh yes the tunnel”… Alan soon reappeared pushing Amy on her too small bike and Sandra peching along beside them. The regroup pattern was to be the order of the day, every 2 or three miles.
    We stopped just past the power station, for our mid way snack.
    On our way again, we breezed past the German hotel/Coffee Shop, I say breezed, because the significant wind was blowing on our backs.. the childers now saw the method in the madness of setting off into the wind. It was about this point that I said to Ashley about replacing the current steed with a new one and Sandra (because she likes the Trek) would have the old one. “I am not having that with a dodgy wheel she shouted”! Kinloch Rannoch achieved, the 30’s claimed by Iain and a sprint with Keith. The last 2 and a bit miles on the south side were again into the wind and the pack split into many many fragments.
    Back at the car park the BBQ was dragged out and lit, It was almost at working temp by the time every body made it to the field shelter…
    Charred meat consumed, and numerous bottles of fizz (Michael popped a cork towards tom, who was standing about 20 yards away… he caaught the cork!) and Sandra Whittles superb carrot cake, we packed up the cars… meanwhile in the wee burn George, Michael and Tom are trying to build stepping stones… squelch squelch squelch… George got wet, very wet!
    We set off in convoy towards Tummel, the plan being to go via Calvine… I don’t like convoys so went via Tummel Bridge. Just about Faskally, I came across the Mauch’s parked up and Alan prowling round his car. We stopped to make sure they were ok and then drove on. We saw them again at the Kinclaven turn.
    Home now … tired but happy!

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