Another Moist Sunday.

Weather looking showery for Sunday but here goes with a plan.

Leave from the Low Road / Necissity Brae corner at Cherrybank at 8.30 then head to Dunning, Yetts of Muckart, Milnathort and Strathmiglo. May play this bit by ear depending on how wet it is. Then Bridge of Earn and home.

If anyone wants to they can either park at mine, i’ll be leaving 8.20 ish.


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4 Responses to Another Moist Sunday.

  1. Simon Evans says:

    I’ve now got to do breakfast, so won’t be able to make it, and am down south next w/e, so hopefully get out on the 17th before ELN on the 24th !! Any chance of registering for me, as time is going to be very tight…..

    • David says:

      Hi Simon. 17th will be the last panic cycle. Yeah no prob about registering. Will need to get letter authorising me to collect. And then arrange meet to pass on.

  2. spokeclinic says:

    It was moist this morning… it started to get really moist about the bottom… of Ballo, and continued all the way to drookit by the time I got home, having gone in the long glen to Thorngreen, Kinrossie and whitelea.

  3. David says:

    Well that didn’t go to plan!
    Wet and murky weather then heading down Dupplin had to pull on the anchors as there were 2 Ewes and their lambs on the road so thankfully they didn’t dive across my path. Then couldn’t see any hills due to low clouds so decided against “gorillas in the mist” and would head to Bridge of Earn and then Glenfarg. The roads were mucky the after falling and by the time I got to Aberargie I was a bit CBA by then so headed back in the main road and the cars did their best to make sure I got sprayed with as much water as possible. Craigend beckoned then Aberdalgie and Necessity to home. Only to find Mrs B was out and I had no house keys so phoned and she did ask were I was not where I was riding from! Onto the bike and round to the inlaws to get house keys.
    So not as far as wanted or needed. OMG not long to ELN!!!

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