Mothers Ruin

Anyone about this Sunday and want to venture out for a pedal. I’m conscious that it’s Mothers Day and breakfasts in bed etc will be the order of the day for some.

The weather looks cold and dry again.

Option 1 leave Huntingtower Tractor place 8.45 Almondbank, Harrietfield Little Genshee Luncarty then wherever depending on who there.

Option 2 Leave Ex T&P 8.15 Murthly Bankfoot Little Glenshee Luncarty back to ex T&P

Option 3 see what takes our fancy,.

I will not be indulging or even over indulging like last Saturday.

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2 Responses to Mothers Ruin

  1. spokeclinic says:

    There was a Mothers day run from here to Meigle… somebody had to get back on the bike after his wee tumble 5 weeks ago… 9.88 miles later and the elbow is aching just a lot. I think i travelled twice as far as everybody else due to the pot hole avoiding manoeuvres being pulled every second. Anyway buggered elbow or not the Kettins 30’s were mine 🙂
    I was saved from the trauma by Sandra arriving at the coffee shop and insisting that she cycle home… sweet.

    p.s. apparently because it was mothers day coffee shop stops were allowed 🙂

  2. David says:

    The Perth boys chickened out of heading up to the snow line at little glens hee. It was chilly and icey enough at valley level. Out to St David’s and then down to Kinkell Bridge and confusion with the new road system. Auchterarder came and went and Dunning called. The coffee at the Brig was very welcome.

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