End of January already

The 31st of January already. Summer is fast approaching shame the weather Gods have not heard that.

Remember that wee hill up to the big gates that we did last week… you know the hill where you all said right and I went left… well we are doing that hill again. This time we will have been to CWTFSA and Meigle and out the 8 mile road far a wee bit then left towards the Shanzie Bridge (Signposted Airlie and Lintrathen). Leaving the gates we traverse this well used bit of road and take yet another left to Lintrathen. At the loch we go right (anti-clock round the loch) and head for Blackwater. Its about 20 miles in and this is the high point or highest pint of the run before bleeshing down to Bridge of Craigisla, Alyth and Meigle again.  Leaving Meigle we will be going to Newtyle (no pushes this time) we will head back to T&P via the Kaisers etc

Start time 8:30 from T&P Weather allowing


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11 Responses to End of January already

  1. Simon Evans says:

    3 inches of snow round Lintrathen loch, so good luck !!

  2. David says:

    Going to have to Not play tomorrow. Have fun whoever goes out

  3. spokeclinic says:

    I had fun! Phrases that include “sack of spuds” “like an oak” were used to describe my issue this morning. 8 miles in to a very pleasant if bitterly cold run and I lost it big time on some black ice. So, down in went like a sack of spuds… felled like an oak you might say.Landing on my knee (small graze) and a wee tiny hole in the leg warmers. next injury was to my mobile.. it is actually bent.. but still working – oh and the screen is not damaged at all 🙂 Next up is my arm, its dead, a bit sore, but not broken (woo hoo). My jacket has a scruffy wee hole in the shoulder. Now to my helmet – it took a bashing, the shell has some rippling and some scuff marks. and my glasses have left a microscopic mark on my cheek… its gonna bruise and look like I have been in a fight. Suzanne ran up a huge bill calling my house (thank you children for unplugging the phone) Keith, came to the rescue and drove me and my bike home – thank you Keith.

    The good news is the bike is fine… I knew that’s what you really wanted to know.

  4. Alan says:

    Sorry to hear this. I left about half an hour behind you just wanted to catch you up!! (I was really waiting on the temperature increasing) I about turned at the Kinnochtry road and headed back down the main road a whole 8 miles as well with a few squeaky moments.
    Hope you are okay.

  5. Simon Evans says:

    Sorry to hear of your wee mishap…painful, especially the chipped bone me thinks. It was time for a new helmet wasn’t it ??!! Will it mean missing a week ??

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