Sunday – 10th of January

Still smarting from the rap on the knuckles by Alan for my cheeky remark about “could do better”.  I thought long (not very)and hard (not really) about what we do this Sunday.

So, Etape Loch Ness being the first organised ride on the calendar, I thought the first run should be a gentle affair going first up over Ballo and out the long glen to Balbeggie before nipping round the back of Murryshall and down into Perth.  That’s it for the outbound.  The inbound leaves me with some planning issues, as I cannot tell at this stage what roads will be open/passable/still there. So we either go back via Stanley (thingummy towers for coffee), or Stormontfield or the way we came(ish) Start time is 8:30 from Ex T&P


and this is favourite at the moment… Drive to Birnam and cycle up to Loch Ordie, pile back down at Butterstone and go back to Birnam to the Post Office for Coffee Start time is 8:30 from Birnam outside the Post Office.

As ever these  runs are completely weather permitting .


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6 Responses to Sunday – 10th of January

  1. David says:

    As you say the way back for Option 1 could be interesting. The path up the inch and under the bridges at Inveralmond I would wager will either be still under water or deep in muck

  2. spokeclinic says:

    Ordie it is… 8:30 in Birnam… don’t be late 🙂

  3. Simon Evans says:

    Sadly, Glenshee calls……..

  4. Alan says:

    Doing a rare thing tomorrow at lunch time! (working) so will not make Ordie and back in the rain. Will maybe head out from here if reasonably dry but not looking good.
    See you all soon.

  5. spokeclinic says:

    The light drizzle was splashing on my helmet as we went up the main road. Once off the main road and on to an unclassified country road, i was startled by a crazed pheasant that tried to knock me off my bike. It settled 50 yards up the road… I think for another attempt.
    Kinrossie, was a feather spitting affair, as my cycling companion distracted me before stealing the 30’s.
    Balbeggie next… 30’s not contested. After a short stint on the main road we headed for the unhappy vauxhall (cross ford) and then towards Murryshall. It was just as well that the pace was not high as a deer ( i don’t know what brand) leapt out of the hedge row right in front of me gambled at speed through the woods in a neat arc and tried to knock me off my bike for a second time.
    Perth now and the flooded rugby pitches provided a photo opportunity… next through Muirton and up the Dunkeld road to Inveralmond. Following the old A9 we had to dismount and run (in these shoes) across the dual carriage way before following the path to Luncarty. (Suzanne for some inexplicable reason mounted up and was ready to head back into Perth) Stopping at the junction at Stanley for Airntully, I asked a passing motorist the way to Stewart Towers. At airntully he passed us again – weird. Stewart Towers located, `Tea ordered with scones… we warmed up and dried out a wee bit. The drizzle had been an intermittent companion `through out this ride. Stewart Towers is a bit pricey… not sure I will be back for another very long time.
    The race was on for the 30’s at Murthly, except the 30’s were actually 40’s. The next 30’s were a dead heat.
    The road to Kinclaven was a moist affair with the subsiding floodwaters receding before us – eat your heart out Kanute!
    Home now and dried out… the title for this blog was going to be Pheasant Plucker, then it was going to be Stolen, but I decided that Too Deer Too Dear! was the best choice.

    • David says:

      The Saturday evening dilemma. Leave bike set up in the turbo ready to be used or take out prep and get ready in anticipation of actually cycling then come Sunday morning realising it’s not a day to be out then Phaff about getting the bike back in turbo and cba kicking in. Oh well went with wrong choice today so garage and turbo it was and no tea and scone at any price. Oh well maybe next weekend. GP

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