Last Entry for the year…

Firstly the annual stats: If this was a school report card then the majority would be told “you could do better”…

On the up side we were represented 10 organised runs:

Etape Loch Ness for DB, SE and AW

Kinross for BP and SE

Etape Caledonia for AM(mr), BP and SE,

Highland Perthshire Anyone?

Cairn o’Mount 30 for AM, IW and SW,

longer Cairn O’Mount – AM(mr),

Three Pistes – SE,

Etape Royale – SE,

Bealoch – SE,

London 100 – SE,

Tayside Challenge SE and DB.

Does the Five Ferries count as an Organised run AM, AM, IW, SW, SW, AW, KS and SS

The Great Glen run  by SS  and SD

Still we managed to climb to a low earth orbit and almost got all the way round the world.

Fah! Far – 2014 Far 2015 Climb 2014 Climb 2015
AM (mr) 2655.8 3168.7 131594 149459
AM (mrs) 4252.8 3292.6 139849 120751
AW 3371.3 3292 209249 197211
BP 5001.7 3936.3 239997 203182
DB 1760.8 1519.4 87198 69711
JA 1890 851 72900 34987
LK 802.2 430.8 50689 25564
SE 1827.5 2763.6 128743 179642
SS 411.6 1373.7 9528 55751
SW 3508.4 3443.5 134249 130121
Totals 25482.1 24071.6 1203996 1166379

I doubt that there will be another run before the end of the year or even during the first weekend of the year – its a weather thing.

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2 Responses to Last Entry for the year…

  1. Alan says:

    Interesting reading, yes the weather has held us all back this year, (and a wife who is working twice the hours of previous year!)
    Cairn O Mount was 2014 don’t think anyone done it this year?
    Keep up the good work and with a bit more mileage from all we can make it round the world!

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