Sneaking a 30 before the Solstice

Catching the others napping I managed to sneak the 30 at Newtyle. May have been my only one of the day but who cares.

Proof 🙂 i really should fix the date and time

Cracking morning to be out for a pre Solstice ride. We rolled along nicely to Glamis all the while realising we had a tail wind which would then bite us on the way back. And it did! Even with cutting out part of the 8 mile road sneaking around the Quarry it didn’t help matters.

The tea, coffee and cake at Meigle were appreciated as ever. Then the slog home back into the wind again. Andrew thought i was going for another sneaky 30 at Ardler as he heard me change gear so that spurred him on to take that crown!

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One Response to Sneaking a 30 before the Solstice

  1. Simon Evans says:

    Sorry to have missed out…..bloody guests !! If the lack of snow continues, you never know, I may just be able to come out before Easter !!

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