Waste of a shake

We started as 4 just after 8 and cruised out through Coupar A and turned off for Aberbothrie and the Iron Bridge. We had a mini regroup here before going to New Alyth.  In the idle chatter, Suzanne announced that her chest was not great today.. she then breathed in deeply on her inhaler. All was not well. She next suggested that her chest was a bit tight – not the best things to say in front of three blokes  – The answer “is that not just your bra’ … you had to be there! Next Alan was recounting an incident where a couple of friends were discussing how many steps they had taken. The girl lifts her arm and shakes it up and down to get the count up – Alan in his usual style said “Thats a waste of a good shake”.

Maybe it was the coarse level of conversation or just that Suzanne was actually not feeling well – she stayed with us to the Shanzie turn off and then headed home via the Iron Age Fort and The Meigle Joinery. At the Joinery coffee shop, the very kind owner, let her in early. Now we are three and heading up towards Peel farm. We get strung out (I get a PB in the first hill) and don’t regroup again until the turn to Blackwater . I like going up Glen Isla, although today the road is a bit slippery with water and leaves. We get to Brewlands where, Alan turns for home – he is working.

Now we are just two. And the climbing is relentless, the chatter a bit stilted. At the top of the Black Mount (Mount Blair) we decide that The wind Farm is probably not for today, and head for BoC. This road is populated with more Audi 4x4s than you want to count and 1 very courteous red Merc’ driver who patiently waited until I waved him through… Then with a toot and and flash of the hazards they were gone.  I stopped at the Drimmie turn to see ifs Dave wants to go that way, we don’t we push on through BoC and go for Blairgowrie. The decent of  Vom Hill was ruined slightly by the head wind. We got passed by an MGB convertible (vintage) driven by a balding gent (vintage) with no hat on (that’s how I knew he was balding). We follow the Blair’ one way system and end up in the Cateran Cafe.  Tea, Coffee and home made scones, guzzled while looking out the window are the ever darkening sky.

Heading back now, the rain has started, we opt for the back road to Coupar . Its a bit guttery (not really a surprise). On the final climb of the day, a white van with some sort of blue writing – electrics – I think it said cut Dave close and me closer due to a car coming the other way. The wee blue car was blowing its horn.  I stopped to take a moment at the Health Center entrance before we headed along the main rod for home. I was starting to think that I  might have to do the Whitelee road thing to get my trip to turn 50 – i didn’t.

So, 50 miles, wind, rain, gutters (talk and road surface) and a good coffee shop, Sunday was done.

I am not planning a run for next week or the one after.


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2 Responses to Waste of a shake

  1. David says:

    Excellent trip out with usual seasonal clothing issues (other than those already mentioned). Too much at low level and not enough higher up and getting a mite chilly. Unless the weather improves I think this Sunday could see the turbo being dusted off and used rather than venturing out in the wind and rain.

  2. Alan says:

    MMT on route home after leaving you both. Passing through about 200 mallard ducks that were talking up the whole road, and climbing for what it seemed like miles, I am sure I was up Mount Blair! is this the right road I ask myself! (Andrew and David were going round it, that’s the shortcut home I was told) I seemed to have ended up above the low lying cloud. (great views) Did eventually end up in Alyth then home 43 miles later. Must do this route again when visibility is better.
    Will not be out next Sunday as Spike racing in Glenrothes.

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