What to do with the extra hour….

Meet at 8am at the XT&P for a road run that will take in Ballo first, then out the Long Glen to Balbeggie. On leaving Balbeggie we will take the turn to Murrayshall and rejoin the main road after Scone. In Perth Now, we will go round the Inch and up to Luncarty, where we will head for Moneydie then bank foot and on to meet our Waterloo.

This is where you have the choice… straight to Murthly for yer coffee and scone OR down to Birnam and back via Caputh to Murthly for yer scone and coffee.

As I sat thinking about this route, it occurred to me that we could be met by the rest of the village cyclists who could do the 7.5 miles to Murthly and meet us there about 10:15/10:30


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3 Responses to What to do with the extra hour….

  1. Simon Evans says:

    Should be able to make it.

  2. spokeclinic says:

    Synopsis of the run… Ballo first, because… well just because SE said he had never been up it.. he has now 🙂 The Long glen was a slurry coated road (tip: keep mouth closed when cycling here). The chase was on for the Balbeggie 30’s,… mine! Scone 30’s, SE’s, Luncarty DB’s, Bankfoot, Mine again, We waited near the Murthly junction for DB, discussing the merits of spinning legs or using brute force to climb. I notice a cyclist coming out the Murthly Junction (using Strava Flybys), this turned out to be Sandra. Murthly 40’s SE’s, closely followed by the 30’s ha ha ha . The coffee stop was the new place in Murthly. Heading home now the chatter is of where to next week.

    • David says:

      We also discovered that Andrew knew that if you bought or rented a trailer you could get a room for 50 cents. But he is not the King of the road

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