Sunday 11th October …

A couple of months ago, one of our number confessed that they had never climbed our favourite local obstacle… So, Sunday for their benefit we are going to climb over this obstacle and probably go for a Knapp, before falling Fowlis of Liff and Muirhead. Next point to visit will be Dronley and the Kirkton of Auchterhouse, before dropping in to Newtyle. Some of you will be thinking at this point “yes coffee is just a couple of miles away”… but alas you are going to be disappointed .. we are going to Scareytown first… maybe even Glamis before heading up the 8 mile road for a coffee/tea scone/date slice. and then back to the start.

Start is usual time of 8am and at XTP.

p.s. the weather is looking distinctly poor 😦


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4 Responses to Sunday 11th October …

  1. David says:

    We going off road through the stables again?

  2. Simon Evans says:

    Being the one that has never been up said hill, gutted to say that I’ve got a change over to oversee, so will not be able to make it……maybe 18th ??

  3. Alan says:

    I will be there, but I may leave you at Newtyle the first time round, have to be in Crieff as Michael has a race and Ashley is going to cycle home.

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