To Dunkeld!

8 am, I am running a bit late, trying to fit a saddle bag to my bike. The problem occurs when you drop the alan bolt and it bounces across the garage floor. So, with a bit of CSI style torch searching the escaping bolt is retrieved and turned in to place. By this time I have a veritable crowd gathering to watch this master at work.
Setting off late our merry band roll out the village and head for isla Bridge. The pace is chat friendly and relaxed.
At the Murthly sawmill there is a path indicated to the “pass of Birnam” three of us take this, the other three take the road… it goes no where, or at least no where that a lycra short clad cyclist is going to venture – the nettles are M A S S I V E!!! We go back and join the road, regrouping at the ex road side caravan park. Using the cycle path we head for Dunkeld. Dunkeld is mostly closed. The group permanently fractures here as Alan and Ashley head straight for home. The rest of us up the golf course hill. With a regroup at the top and then again at one of John’s puncture stops 🙂 Keith is now making noises about scones and bacon rolls. We head off again. Remember, the place by the loch… Willie Little ran it I believe.. well we headed for there, it too was closed. So, we too the alternative route which with a few twists and turns brings us out near Spittlefield. The next regroup is at the Kirkton of Leystone.. distinctive because its church is a ruin – maybe it should be called Ton of Leystone. At the next junction its Meilkleour or Blairgowrie… We go to Blairgowrie, only after stopping for a photo-op in the stone circle that the road runs right through the middle of.. I think this there should be a campaign to have the road diverted or at least this circle made in to a roundabout.
Blairgowrie now and we are sitting outside the Cateran Cafe.. nice coffee, nice scones… wee bit pricey though.
Keith silenced, we head back the Coupar Angus on the back road and up Butterybank to home.
Its only when we are home I spot that Mrs Whittle has been in Dunkeld too.. we never meet!


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2 Responses to To Dunkeld!

  1. David says:

    The “perthites” had a much less eventful trundle. We met at Huntingtower then headed to Methven and up “cogbrae” to Glenalmond. Then along and down the Sma Glen to Gilmerton. It was a fun descent 🙂 There on it was just the drag back to Perth via Tibbermore.

  2. Alan says:

    After persuading Ashley we had a good run out to Dunkeld, and was back by 10.30 as promised as my brother was coming up. We then spent the afternoon go karting, great day! we must all do it some time.

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