All 30’s Are Moot

Today the Dundee Dunt was tackled. Again, just Simon and I. We didn’t go to St Andrews because this was a run that Dave has voiced he wants to do. So, we did the dunt.

Setting off into the wind, was defo a good idea, although the pace was reasonably high all the way to Dundee. The first point to note was me in Abernethy, confessing to not actually knowing the way. Newburgh next and the sprint is on for the 30’s, its a draw, but my thighs are burning. I remembered the left after the garage… we took it and then I suppose I must have blocked out the long hill from my memory… it was relentless… pressing on we follow the cycle path signs. Not long after this we saw a farm entrance with “Arctic tippers this way”.. now maybe they were expecting deliveries of snow, or Iceland have warehousing there or really they actually meant “artic’ tippers” 🙂

We skipped (missed) the turn that would take us to Balmerino and pressed on towards Newtyle. We are clattering down a road, neither of us saw the 4 by 4 coming towards us. We got out the way. It was our turn next to frighten a micra/Juke driver, as they cut the corner we came round. Onward to the bridge. The wind on the bridge was a bit of a ‘mare.  I love the wee lift off the bridge, although entering that funny bit that looks like a concrete lift before the lift actually arrives is a bit odd. After trundling along riverside in to a stronger than I had expected headwind, we stopped at the railway carriage for a bacon roll and a very very welcome cup of tea.  Refreshed…the next leg started, we kept seeing mile markers by the airport and along by the tip (nature reserve), 19 said the first one, but we had done 41. 21, was next, where was 20.. some wee ned probably made off with it 🙂  It did look like a new pastime had been invented.  “sitting at the side of a cycle path on your folding chair”. At the mile 23 marker,  I asked the assembled crowd what they were waiting for… the reply ” Ehts thi Dundey  marathun ken”. ( who was Ken?)

You know that traffic lighted bridge over the railway at Invergowrie… well we got stopped at the red light, so we waited, and waited, and finally a Citreon Picasso wheezed round the corner hauling its plump contents over the hump. The driver looked genuinely shocked to see us and scraped the tires and wheels along the kerb to avoid us… we were not that close to the centre of the road – primary position is what you might call it. Lights changed and off we went with the wind doing its best to stop us.

We opt to go via Longforgan and Knapp, as it is more of a cross wind  than a head wind. We go up Jocks Brae. This is where I decide that  this blog entry will be called ” The Dundee Dunt – I pulled a Granny”… I have never been so glad of a granny gear, with 50 miles in my legs, I climbed slowly. Simon is waiting (he does this a lot) at the top. We press on towards Ballo. Simon takes off on the next climb and waits for me at the Ballo top car park. I of course have a different idea, and use the top part of the descent to accelerate past him and tuck in for the descent… I am almost at the buttergask cross roads when Simon catches me.

Through Campmuir  now and round that sharp little bend before the bus garage… Simon starts to pull away, I start to laugh, as I know exactly what he is up to. The 30’s long game! Simon get smaller and smaller as I pedal on. Regrouping on the main road, I tell him that all 30’s are moot, unless he concedes the Newburgh one to me 🙂

Next weeks run will be one of the CAC Hubs cycling festival ones…. why not pop along on Saturday to see what they are doing at the Festival and then on Sunday for their run!


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One Response to All 30’s Are Moot

  1. Simon Evans says:

    Competitive….Moi ?? ….sometimes !! I’m sure that we can organise a so called “closed” road so that you can find the 3 seconds needed on the Ballo decent for the KoM.

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