Sunday 12th July… the proposal

I was plotting, as I do, a route for Sunday. My problems started when I realised that the round trip would be in excess of  60 miles … That’s not a problem I hear many of you say, but it is… given how puggled I was after the wee 46 miler last week.

So the run out for this Sunday was going to be to St Andrews (64 miles ish). However, if we go as far as Leuchars and go back via Tayport and its Harbour Cafe then the route would be a leg stretching 54 miles (ish).

Starting at the Subaru garage on the High Street (the former T&P), warm up the legs by going over Ballo and down Jocks Brae and into Knapp. Under the motorway to Longforgan and head for the river. Ping along riverside and go over the bridge dropping down into Newport. From Newport, we find our way to the roundabout for Leuchars/St Andrews. This next bit of road is likely to be quite busy. On reaching Leuchars we either go on to St Andrews (cycle paths are available) or we go back towards Tayport. Coffee can be had in the community owned and run Harbour Cafe.  Over the bridge next, and then, to add a bit of drama, head up through Lochee and in the A923 past Piper Dam et al and back to the start…


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6 Responses to Sunday 12th July… the proposal

  1. David says:

    Drat, I wanted to go to St Andrews for an Ice Cream but am away this weekend.

  2. Simon Evans says:

    Either will be good for me, let’s hope for similar weather, and no sneaky 30’s !!

  3. Simon Evans says:

    What time ? The usual, or a lie in ?!

  4. spokeclinic says:

    Let’s go for a 9 start

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