A 30 shared is a 30…

What a fantastic day to be out on a bike, no wind and sunshine.

Only two of us today, the speed was probably higher than I had anticipated, especially as I had been on the beer the night before. We  to set of a few minutes early, and rolled gently to Cougar Angus and out the back of Larghan. I don’t like the main roads, and as we are an hour later than usual, we stick to the quieter back roads. Meigle comes up quite quickly, the 30’s have been shared. This would be the order of the day until I do the “stomp” and take a set. We get to Kirriemuir and Simon takes the 30’s, revenge? probably not! We head for panandanandarama and over the hill to the main road. Turning towards Kinnettles now and we spy a couple of cyclists standing at the side of the road with an up turned bike. they have been struck by the puncture fairies.

We are on the climb now and as I say “target acquired”, Simon says “Tortoise ahead”.. we lift the pace and start to chase… Simon takes off and howls past this struggling guy. I pass a little bit later.The guy had no chance on his front sprung mountain bike.. The MTB says to me “you can catch him on the descent”… lol

Simon waits just over the crest, and I do indeed take the descent “FATMENTUM ROOLS”.  We head for Kincaldrum next, and I take a corner a wee bit too fast not realising that Simon was slip streaming me … oh how we laughed!

The route goes up the hill and we take the first left in to Charleston… I take the 30’s at the slowest possible speed ever, I never actually spotted them until I was upon them.

We pile along the road towards Scareytown. The pace lifts very gradually. Then lifts some more, and again… I am bumping my rev limiter, Simon takes the 30 in to Scareytown. Curiously, Scareytown had people out in their gardens… they looked quite normal… no they really they did!

We leave Scareytown, and cruise on to Meigle. The collective decision is not to stop for coffee. We share  Ardler. Just before we go to share Kettins  3 Cog Velo riders go past… “we are the tortoise now”.  Approaching Kettins, we spy one of the Cougar Angus Cycling Hub rides going the other way. Kettins shared we head for Woodside.

It has been said I am not very trustworthy :-), and today, I watched as Simon checked where I was (always checking the left for my shadow)… I go right and stomp on the pedals and take the last 30 of the day. Simon is pointing out that we had shared all the 30’s today… I reminded him about Meigle. Yes, Meigle where a bus stopped play but Simon took the 30 🙂

Home now, tired but happy… where to next?


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