The day after D-Day

Sunday the 7th of June… In my attempt to join the dots on my highlighter map I thought about a run out towards Ballater… You know Blairgowrie, Bridge Of Cally, Spittle of GlenShee, Braemar and then on to Ballater… But that would be about 115 round trip.

So, I then thought what about Braemar… 80+ round trip.

And then I though The Ski Centre… 65+ round trip.

I was getting tired just thinking about this and settled on the Spittle’ at 50+ round trip.

The down side to this is the nursing of Simon through the reliving of the nightmare of the 3 Pistes (Well done to you BTW).

Obviously as this is 50+ mile run we will need refreshments at some point… Is the Pottery open, does it do scones and tea, and slightly more importantly… where is it on the Glenshee road?

Start at 8am at the ex-T&P site.


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3 Responses to The day after D-Day

  1. Simon Evans says:

    The Pottery does do scones etc, and is 5 miles back down the road from the Spittal, so is ideal. I’ll warn them !! Looking forward to groundhog day !!

  2. Will join you for a short while but need to be back in Burrelton for 10.30am as going to the Racing at Scone.

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