Sunday 31st May

The forecast is looking a bit pish to say the least for Sunday.

  • So, If it is not hosing down at 8am, I will be going out for a wee leg stretcher… secure in the knowledge that I will get wet at some point during my run.

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6 Responses to Sunday 31st May

  1. Simon Evans says:

    I fear it will be a very wet and, sadly, windy 3 pistes !!

  2. Cairn o Mount done and it is a tough one, the cairn climb is as sharp and long as any climbs I have done, over 7000 feet of climbing and a horrible head wind for the last 20 miles, just as you get to 70 miles and think you are about to finish they send you away from Edzell and up a 18% hill that goes on for about 2 miles, with cramps in both thighs, right calf and hamstring it was a very tough climb with one half decent leg, but struggled up and was happy not to have to get off and walk, 82 miles done on my own with no rest bite into the wind, finished 20th overall and happy with a time of just over 5hrs, a little sore today but the wife dragged me out on a nice 8.5 mile walk to stretch the legs and stretch them it did. Stayed at the Glenesk hotel which was fab and a nice Jacuzzi was great too, would recommend to anyone and a bar with the most whisky, rum, vodka and gin I have ever seen in one place and yes a few celebration rums for me and Gins for Debs as it would be rude to drink on my own. Looking forward to a new challenge some time soon. any suggestions?????

    • David says:

      Nice one. Etape Royale next for you?

    • Alan says:

      Well done. I enjoyed it last year as it was the first time up Cairn O Mount and did not now what to expect. (you still beat me by 9 minutes I doubt there was not the wind last year! ) And yes you think you are nearly there as you see the sign for Edzell 4 miles and then you head off in to the unknown for another hour. Great fun least it was dry.

  3. Simon Evans says:

    Well done Bill, Easily beat my best time of 5.32. Yes, the hill at the end is not pleasant at all ! As David says, the Etape Royale maybe ? The 3 Pistes was hell on wheels !!

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