Etape Caledonia… how was it for you?

I am glad I declined the spare ticket… I awoke this morning about 6:45, heard the wind and rain over the throbbing of my alcohol induced sore head, and had a wee thought about you guys doing the run today, before going back to sleep.

So, mid afternoon and I have had a wee look on Strava, to discover that somebody else I follow had come a cropper at about 17 miles. KO’d and waiting for a pelvic scan… not good.

Twitter was interesting with descriptions like “a bit fresh”, “wrinkled like a prune” and “frozen snotters” … hope you all did ok..


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4 Responses to Etape Caledonia… how was it for you?

  1. Horrendous sums it up I think!!! Weather was very wet and windy, so pretty much your worst nightmare. 3.59 so sub 4 hours, was delighted to break the 4 hours again in very different conditions from last year, the use the saying of wet weather, the water was running oot my arse!!!! It literally was!!! Glad it’s done and no sure will do it again?

  2. Alan says:

    Yes WET and windy! Although the only bit that was cold was my feet, wore my seal skin socks which I thought they were supposed to keep the water out and normally do. Had to stop three times to empty them out, you cant even ring them out! On the third stop I turned them inside out thinking that will see me home which it did.
    Looked at the speedo at the top of Schiehallion to see it at 4.7mph a bit depressing, it was a bit better going down the other side but not much!
    Seen a few accidents and counted 9 punctures from Pitlochry to Queens View can only imagine it is lack of maintenance.
    Had a lovely hot shower and a few scones and tea at the usual place, although Nicky is not very well as he has lymes disease.
    All in all I think if it had been the normal Sunday cycle we would have all done what AW had done rolled over and went back to sleep.

  3. Simon Evans says:

    Yup, horrendous just about sums it up ! Are we ever going to get some decent weather ?? Having looked at the results the broom wagon must have been huge as 135 people didn’t finish ! For me, really pleased to beat last year by 14 seconds but I felt as if I was going a wee bit better, so I’m blaming the weather !!, and also managed to get up Schiehallion in under 10 minutes. Bill, next year can’t be as bad, so I’m sure you’ll be going for 3.45 !!

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