Almost Star Wars Day…

There is no run scheduled due to the strong easterly wind and the heavy rain forecast for Sunday.

However, the Coupar Angus Cycle Hub are planning runs at 9am from the Enverdale.

Below is a wee list of ideas  for runs that need a bit of work for later in the year…

“The Dunoon Dynamo” google it! – organised by somebody else… you pay to take part.


The five ferry challenge:

Cycle Wemyss Bay to Ardrossan  …. Ferry …. cycle Brodick to West Pier …. FErry …. cycle Claonig to Tarbet …. FERry …. cycle Portvadie to Hotel follow Serpentine road with a wee FERRy to Rothesay …. FERRY …. back to Wemyss Bay (75 miles of cycling) Costs Ferries about £30, accommodation about £60 + food and drink.


Route 77 from Glasgow to Home.


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4 Responses to Almost Star Wars Day…

  1. David says:

    I vote for an Ice Cream trip to St Andrews

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